My 1D Love Life

Maddie is a graduate who is working for this famous band called One Direction. She gets herself into some serious problems. Will she be able to live with all the drama? Or will she quit working for the band.


10. What The Fuck?!

Maddie's POV

El dropped me off at the meeting. As soon as I walked in, Harry and Niall gave me dirty looks. Like Jesus! Can you guys leave me the fuck alone! I remembered what El said and imma do it. I looked like a major idiot standing there.. "Um... Oh, yea.. Um Hi.." "Maddie why don't you take a seat?" "Yes, Of course." "There has been plenty of... Tesnsion I should say between some of us." I was just in another world... "Now, it has come to my attention, that if there is tension. Work doesn't get done. Now, all of you go home and fix it. Now." Simon is nooo joke man! I didn't have a ride so I was just about to call a cab until Harry Said "Come On." Well, wasn't that cold? We silently walked to the car. Harry started to drive and said, "I want you to know, that between us five "brothers", Its always bros before hoes." What the fuck?! "Excuse me?" "I didn't stutter." "Well, I want you to know that you're an ass and that you made a huge mistake. Take me home." "No you're coming with the boys and I. That's final." I didn't bother to argue. Imma be honest but Harry looks like shit. Seems like he needs something. Badly. But I dont care.


Harry's POV

Yeah I know I was rude. But Maddie is a bitch. I usually never disrespect ladies but I tried some heroine, isn't it addictive. It's changed me. I need someone to save me. Someone like Maddie. We droved to Loui's House just because its big. He was throwing a party and he needs help. I can't wait. Maddie is going to pay. Me and Niall have been working together a plentiful lately.

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