My 1D Love Life

Maddie is a graduate who is working for this famous band called One Direction. She gets herself into some serious problems. Will she be able to live with all the drama? Or will she quit working for the band.


8. The Talk

Maddie's POV

We were finally done in the studio. Harry was walking with me and said, "Mads. When we were texting, what did you mean by Haddie and Naddie?" "What I meant is you like me and Niall obviously likes me so....." "So, what?" "My name is Maddie. So if you mash up Maddie and Harry, it's Haddie. If you mash up Niall and Maddie, it's Naddie. I think like both of you guys.. So this is gonna take some time for me to think." "Maddie, what about the kiss? You have to like me!!!" "Harry I remember the kiss. I said I THINK I like both of you.." "Whatever Maddie. You're so confusing I knew that you were trouble from the start!!!" That hurt me a lot. How can he be capable of saying that to me?!??! I did nothing.. This happens to all girls right?!?! I did kiss him first and told him I like him, but... I am going crazy!! I can't. I just wanna go home!!

Louis' POV

"Mads you coming to Harry's flat?" "No I just wanna go home." Wow she said that pretty coldly... Wonder what's going on.. "Mads you should hang out with El if you'd like!!" "You know what Lou... That's a great idea!!" "Kk!!!" I took out my phone and texted El:

Me: Hey bby!! Do yuh wanna hng out wit r new frnd Mads?

El: Yea!!! We should go shopping!! @ 2:30

Me: K!! Thnx babe imma tell her that!!

"Mads!!! You can hang out with El today!!" "Okay!! What time?" " At 2:30!!" "Alright then!!" She just arrived at her house, "Bye guys see you guys tomorrow!!" "Wait you're not coming over later?!?!?" "No, sorry Lou..." "Wait why?!?!" "I gotta go use the bathroom... Bye!!!!!" "Alright.." "Bye!!" We all said in unision.. Something is going on and Harry and Niall know all of it... I texted El saying to go under cover for me... I also texted her Maddie's address... They should have some fun...


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