My 1D Love Life

Maddie is a graduate who is working for this famous band called One Direction. She gets herself into some serious problems. Will she be able to live with all the drama? Or will she quit working for the band.


5. Nandos for Lunch

Harry's POV

Maddie just winked at me!!! Does that mean that she likes me?? My thoughts were interrupted when someone knocked at the door. "Harry are you in there? It's me Maddie." "Oh hey Mads what's up??" "Mads?" "Oh I'm.." "No Harry I like that!! I think I'm going to call you Hazza!!" "Hazza you say??" "Yeah!! I came to ask you if you would like to come to Nandos with the boys and I?" "I would love too actually!!" Before I knew it her lips were against mine and she smiled then frowned. I kissed her back and said "Mads??" "Yeah, Haz?" "I like you a lot!! Do you like me?" "Hazza that is one stupid question you ask me." "Why?" "Because I kissed you first and I was day dreaming about you a while ago and said it out loud!!" "I feel retarded now!!" "It's okay babe!! Come on lets go!!"

Niall's POV

What's taking those two so long?? I really fancy Maddie!! Honestly, I think we all do!! "Lads?? What do you guys think about Maddie??" "I think she is very attractive young lady!!" Zayn said, "I think I fancy her a bit!!" said Liam, "She is gonna be my best friend!! I do fancy her a bit, but all of my respect goes to El!!" said Lou. Interesting she's gonna be all mine I thought wrong.. I saw her and Harry holding hands and giggling!! I AM SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW!!!!

Maddie's POV

I cant wait to eat!! I feel real gross for not showering today!! So of course I had an idea!! "Hey boys!! How about we take the food out to my place??" They all said yea and went right back to the menu. I ordered some peri-peri chicken!! It looked good!!


I know I know!! You guys are like really another cliff hanger?!?!?! I'm sorry its just that it's getting late and I have school tomorrow so.. Guess what??? I'm gonna update tomorrow morning!!!!!!Thanks for reading though!!!!




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