My 1D Love Life

Maddie is a graduate who is working for this famous band called One Direction. She gets herself into some serious problems. Will she be able to live with all the drama? Or will she quit working for the band.


9. Going Under Cover

Maddie's POV

I was very excited to hang with Eleanor!!! To become friends and ya know... Get my mind off Niall and Harry.... Something tells me that I can trust El. I went to take another shower and decided on what to wear. I was going to wear some light blue skinny jeans, my green 7up shirt, and some green converse. There that would work out. Right? This whole talk with Harry got me heartbroken... I started to cry.... Thank God I started crying before I put my makeup on... I wiped my tears and started my makeup. I used to take cosmetic courses so it turned out really good. I heard a door knock. That's El!! I went to open the door, "Hey Eleanor!!!" "Hello Mads!!!" "I see the boys told ya about the Mads.."Yea!! They did!!!" "Well let me get my purse and we'll head right out!!" "Okay!!" She seemed super nice I got my green purse and went back downstairs. "Alright El off we go!!" She smiled and we both walked out!! This is gonna be very interesting...

Eleanor's POV

Maddie is such a sweet girl!! No wonder the boys love her already!! I remeber Lou told me to go under cover... "So where would you like to go first?" "Anywhere that we can get to know each other an vent." "Okay!" I pulled up to Starbucks and we hopped out. After we ordered our coffees we sat down. "So Mads tell me bout yourself!!" "Well my name is Maddie Fisherman I am half Italian and half American. I am the only child, I was born on Febuary 4, 1995, I love to write songs, and my favorite color is orange. How about you?" "I'm Eleanor Jane Calder, I am English, I was born on July 16, 1992, I don't have a favorite color, and I am studying politics and sociology." "Interesting El!! We well get to know more as we talk!!" "Yes, now how about we vent?" "Ummm yea sure?" "You go first!!" "Well I came to London to work with the boys.. We were going out to Nandos and h-Harry wasn't there. I went to look for him and he was in the studio.... I kissed him and I said I liked him.. We came out holding hands and I found out Niall was jealous.. Harry and I were texting and I texted Haddie or Naddie... He asked me what I meant and I told him of course.. I said I might like him and Niall and he said he knew I was trouble.. Then yea.... I don't wanna go any further..." "Alright I got advice!!!" "Keep talking!!" "First, talk to Harry and Niall, but not at the same time. Second, find out who you really like. Third, everything should be good from there.." "Oh my gosh!! Thanks!!!" "No.." Maddie's phone.. Perfect timing!! Now I can send Lou the recorded talking!!! "El, I gotta go and meet with the boys at a meeting. Mind dropping me off?" "Of course not!!! Let's go!!" I dropped Mads off and said our goodbyes and planned to go to the mall tomorrow because we were kinda interrupted..... I went under cover for Lou!! This should be great!!!

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