My 1D Love Life

Maddie is a graduate who is working for this famous band called One Direction. She gets herself into some serious problems. Will she be able to live with all the drama? Or will she quit working for the band.


4. Finally Meeting the Boys!!"

Maddie's POV

I am so fucking nervous!! Okay. Here we go.... "Hello?? Anybody here??" "Yes!!! Hello Maddie I'm Simon! Simon Cowell.." "Oh hey Simon!! It's really nice to finally meet you in person and.." "BOYS I THINK THIS IS MADDIE!!" "Oh sorry for yelling Maddie.. I'm Liam Payne!!" "Stop!! Boys Ms. Fishermen has to sign some papers so, if you guys can get PLEASE get out?? NOW!!" "Sorry Simon didn't mean to bother, me and the boys are really eager!! Bye Madeline!! See you in a few!!" I let out a HUGE huff. "Is everything alright Maddie??" " Erm. Yes!! I just don't like it when  people call me Madeline." " Oh okay  then.. Just sign all of these papers then go to the room across the hall to meet with the boys!!" I signed all of the dumb boring papers. I only skimmed through them. I hate reading unless it has to do about music or something fun. As soon as I was done I said bye to Simon and bounced (left). When I walked through the door.. It was crazy!! Everyone was yelling and screaming and acting all crazy!!! Suddenly everyone stopped. " Hey. Erm, I'm Madeline, but please, call me Maddie." "Hi Maddie!!" "Hey Liam!!" "Maddie and I already met 20 minutes ago..." "Who cares Liam. Hi I'm Zayn Malik!!" "HELLO I'M LOUIS TOMLINSON!!! I LOVE YOUR TOMS!! AND YOUR SENSE OF STYLE!!" "Thanks Louis!! Hello Zayn!!" "I'm Niall Horan!! I love to eat!! Want some chocolate??" "Hello Niall!! I would love some chocolate!!" "WHAT?!?!?!" They all said in unision. " I'm not trying to be rude, but   what's wrong with Niall giving me chocolate?" Damn, aren't these boys crazy.. A curly haired boy spoke up. "Niall never shares food with people unless he finds his 'princess'" " Hello!! By the way I'm Harry Styles!! Nice to meet ya Maddie!!" "Hey Harry!!" Woah he was so attractive I couldn't help but smile. "Harry you have such gorgeous hair and eyes!!" DID I JUST SAY THAT OUT LOUD?!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! "Ummm I didn't mean to say... That out loud... Sorry...." I said blushing madly. "Thanks Maddie that was cute actually!!" Wow he thinks that was cute nice going Mads. My flirting skills are way better than that. "Anyways.. So, your Liam, Niall, Lou,..." "You called me Lou??" "Oops! Sorry!!" " No it's fine!! Too bad Harry cant get a nickname." Harry looked mad!! "Harry it's fine!! I like your name the way it is!!" "Like I said.. Liam, Niall, Lou, Zayn, and Harry!!" I gave Harry a wink when nobody was looking.. That's more like it!! I finally met the boys!! 

Author's Note: K! So as you guys can see this is a longer chapter!! I get to update a lot so that's good!! Thank you to all who have been reading this I am so happy!! I'm starting on another story and it's going to be called: Years Without My Irish Boy. It's obviously about Niall!! So I am gonna stop talking/typing so... BIII!!  From: Naiomi!!


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