Me my guitar and Niall

When Maryalex becomes part of the One Direction tour as the new guitarists. she never expected to fall for Niall and Niall fall for her. But her having a boyfriend gets in the way wich makes Niall go crazy and makes him fight for her.


21. the plan

Niall P.O.V

I just dont get it. If Oscar is the bands leader of the band why would he kick Lex out. Shes super great and plus she gorgeous. I have to admit i did get a kind of jealous when Josh was helping her around last night at the show. But back to the topic. 

"You still wondering about it?" Zayn asks not looking at me i nod.

"Yeah i just dont like where this is heading" I look at him.

"Mate me to i swear ive seen him around with ladies and i think non of them looked like Lex" Louis does the same. I look down the bus and see if Lex is somewhere near but no she went to the air port and drooped her parents off.

"Okay why would you kick your own girlfriend out the band?" i ask still whispering.

"She did say that they thought she was better alone" Harry isnt playing but is on his phone.

"Why im a not convinced about that" i sit up

"Mate you know we could go back and see what happens" Liam looks at me.

"thats so true Niall we han ask to go back home for a while" Louis pauses the game.

"Yeah but Paul isnt going to lets go now" Zayn says
"Well its better than nothing" Harry sits up

"Right so lets do that" Liam agrees

"And we'll come" Louis continues.

"But for right now just keep it cool lad" Harry is now of the phone.

"and just keep flirting with her like in the plane"Liam adds 

"oh yeahhh that was good" zayn puts his hand on his mouth

"Really?" i ask and the boys agree.

"Mate i can see that she likes you back to" Harry adds

"Niall she could even fall in love with you and leave the other guy" louis unpauses the game and they start to play.

When Lex gets to the bus i start to flirt with her. I put my arm around her and stuff like that. I also notice that her blue highlight has turned in to a violet. So i complement her on it. I just keep falling in love with her more and more. Her eyes are so beautiful and her hair her persanality. Shes defiantly the only one like her

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