Me my guitar and Niall

When Maryalex becomes part of the One Direction tour as the new guitarists. she never expected to fall for Niall and Niall fall for her. But her having a boyfriend gets in the way wich makes Niall go crazy and makes him fight for her.


12. sorry

Nialls P.O.V

I wake up to the sound of the radio playing.

"Yeah well be doing what we do just pretending that we ar-" i shut it of. Im still so mad i dont even want to hear my self sing/ As soon as i do that Paul walks in. 

"How did you get in the door was locked?" he shows me a key.

"I  have the key to every room in this complex"

"Ohhhhh" theres a awkward silence.

"Niall you know in going to ask you this sooner or later. I talked to the boys and it all comes back to you Niall"

"Paul they deserved it you saw what they did to me in front of Lex thet was the only chance i had to ask her out and they ruined it!" i look at him.

"Niall i know but look the boys did think that what happened last night would happen they were just playing okay so just act cool believe me you'll get your chance" i roll me eyes.

"Why was she even here?" i ask.

"I thought that you guys might need to get top know each other a little better and you needed to get closer to her so i invited her over" he say.

"What is she going to think of me now" i say.

"I dont know but please try to fix things between you and the boys" he asks as he gets up

"What im the one who has to say sorry  what they did yeah ill be like "Hey guys im sorry for last night because you guys ruin my chances with Lex and now she thinks im disparately in love with her and she thinks im so kind of syco who punches people and swears at them. Yeah but dont worry Live While Were Young no worries i love you guys" i say in sarcastically. Paul gives me a funny look. s

"See you can fix the problem on your own" he says sarcastically

"Come on really?" i say.

"Just try" he says and he shuts the door. I lay on my bed and then 2 seconds later he comes again.

"Oh yeah come eat" he says

"Tell them to bring me my food here" paul walks to me and takes the covers off.

"Go eat now and dont be a brat!" he says. I dont argue because i know how much he doesn't want us to turn in to spoil brats. I follow him to the table and see that the guys are there. I sit down and start to eat. No one talks but Paul. He talks about the tour and stuff about work. Then there's a long silence and finally Liam breaks it.

"Okay guess im going first" he take a deep breath, "Niall im really sorry for last night the fight and not only last night but also because of what happened during rehearsal" i dont say anything.

"Me to Niall i know how much you like Lex and im sorry i ruin that chance and because of the fight" zayn says. I just dont say anything,

"Yeah man i think i messed up to im really sorry for everything" Harry says.

"And i guess i was the worse one. Im really sorry Niall your like my brother and i love you and i know we all knew including me how much you like Lex and how badly you want ed to get with her and i apologize for getting in between that and im also sorry about my language and my actions last night. You know i didnt mean that it was just the anger and knowing that im the oldest im ashamed even more im really sorry mate" I see Paul shot me a look and i know hes telling me its my turn.d

"Guys i have to apologize for yesterday to i still shouldn't have been like that with you guys and i hope this doesnt happen again love you guys"i say i really do love them.

"Thats the One Direction i know well just be more careful next time guys. Were having rehearsal rehearsal Monday so you guys have 2 days to make it right" Paul says.

"Thats great now all we have to do is not stick our hand in  and let Niall work" louis says.z 

Im very confident about this and i really want the weekend to pass fast by. Monday Maryalex Roberts will be mine.

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