Me my guitar and Niall

When Maryalex becomes part of the One Direction tour as the new guitarists. she never expected to fall for Niall and Niall fall for her. But her having a boyfriend gets in the way wich makes Niall go crazy and makes him fight for her.


13. Oscar is about to meet the boys

sorry its short i ran out of ideas

Maryalex P.O.V

I wake up to the sound of my mom taking to someone. I get out of bed and walk down satairs to see that she is taking to my dad on the phone.

"Oh babe wait up Lex just woke up here" she hands me the phone

"Hello dad?" i aswere.

"Hi baby girl how are you? I heard the good news" he says.

"What about One Direction?" i ask

"She babe your mom told me" he says

"Oh well i wanted to be the one to give you the news but i guess she did too" i look at my mom. I hear someone yell at my dad.

"Yes sir" he says in a loud voice. Yeah thats my dad in work. "Hey baby girl i need to go i just wanted to tell you that ill be home to see you perform in your first concert okay. I love you so much sweaty pass me to your mom" he says

"Love you too dad and see you soon" i quickly say that and had my mom the phone because i know he will be in so much trouble if hes not of the phone. I run up stairs and change because i have rehearsal later. i get ready and go to Oscars house. I knock on the door.

"Hi babe" he says as he opens the door. He kisses me. I walk in.

"I wanted to come see you before going to rehearsal later" i walk in to see his sister in the kitchen

"Hi Clare" i says as i walk to her.

"Hi Marya" i hug her."So i heard you are the fave fives new guitarist?"

"I guess you can say that" i say.

"Well congrats and well i have to leave babe" she walks to me and hugs me bye. Then she moves to Oscar and gives him a hug and she leaves.

"Well now that were alone what do you want to do" he ask.

"I dont Know" at the we decide to just hang out at his place and watch TV.

"I talked to my dad today" i tell him as he puts his arm around me.

"Oh yeah what did he say?" he ask.

"He said that hes going to be home to see me play on my first concert and well start the tour" i tell him. I look at him and see that he is smiling.

"What?" i ask.

"I just like seeing you happy" he kisses my fore head. "wowww" he says.

"What now?" i asks. He reaches down and pulls my phone from under him.

"I think you got a text" he laughs and so do i. I look at the screen and see that it is a text from Paul that reads:

Hi Lex its Paul would just let you know that we are having rehearsal at 1pm not 2pm see you soon

I look at the time and its 12:39.

"Awww shit" i say.

"What babe?" Oscar asks.

"I have rehearsal in 20 minutes i need to get going" i stand up.

"Ohh okay" he says and he takes me to the door. I kiss him bye and as im half way the side walk to walk back to face him.

"Oscar do you want to come?" i ask.

"Sure let me get my jacket" he runs back in and comes back out with his leather jacket on. He joins me and takes my hand. We walk to my house. When we get there we quickly go up stairs and grab my guitar. Then we go to the car and i drive us to the stage. When we get there i get my guitar out and hold Oscars hand and walk to the stage. Hopefully the boys love him as much as i do. 

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