Me my guitar and Niall

When Maryalex becomes part of the One Direction tour as the new guitarists. she never expected to fall for Niall and Niall fall for her. But her having a boyfriend gets in the way wich makes Niall go crazy and makes him fight for her.


10. Niall vs Liam Zayn Harry and Louis (swearing )

Nialls P.O.V Im so mad at them that im not in mood to sing. This makes me mix up alot. Every now and then i peek and look at Lex. Perfection thats all i got to say. The boys try to talk to me but i just ignore them. We finish till 5pm. We pack up and leave.  "Niall how did it go" louis asks. I dont answer im mad.

"Someones a mad leprechaun" zayn says. When we get to the complex i get of the car leaving the rest behind. I walk to the game room and sit there not playing but just having time to my self. What do i do now? I know that its not that bad but they still shouldn't have done that.  They have never done something like that. Just then they walk in and I walk out but louis pulls me by the shirt and sits me down. 

"So how about that rematch?"he asks handing me the controller but i just throw it the floor. 

"God what did i do?" this gets me mad.  "WHAT DID I DO WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU DID 'ITS TRUE BABE' WHAT THE FUCK?" im up and his down on the couch. The boys are just staring at me. Louis stands up. Hes older and taller. I dont care what he did was fucked up. 

"Listen Kid just trying to help" kid im a kid now. I turn my hand into a fist and i can see the boys see it and stand up to separate us. 

"Wow guys stop" liam separates us. 

"STOP YEAH WHAT ABOUT YOU 'BLONDY THINKS YOUR HOT' FUCK YOU" I now facing Liam. This surprises me ive never used this language directly to the boys. I can see Zayn and Harry look at each other surprised. 

"Fuck you to Niall" liam says.

  "Is that all you can say" i take a step closer. 

"Okay man calm down" zayn is trying to hold my shoulder before i use my fist. Which i might use on him.  "OH SHUT THE FUCK UP ZAYN YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID" i say turning to him. Zayn is mad. He walks passed me and bumps into my shoulder. This gets me mad. I get my fist and swing it to his head but Harry stops me.

  "Niall what are you doing?" Harry asks confused holding my fist in his hand. Zayn turns around to see that Harry saved his face. 

"Stay out of this if you new what was good for ya?" All the boys get in it and i start swearing alot. 

"Whats going on in here?" pauls walks in. 

"This kid is throwing punches around" louis says. Paul  looks confused.

  "Shut the fuck up" i say. He walks toward me with a fist and i go at him with one too.  Paul and out of nowhere Lex is there too  holding me back while the boys hold louis back. 

"What see you cant do shit" i say.  Lex looks surprised. 

"Bitch you know its good for ya" i try to get out but i cant.

  "STOP ALL OF YOU FIVE GO!" pauls i mad more than mad we all walk to our rooms.  Once i get there i look at my fist its still white. Shit i forgot that was Lex!! What is she gonna think. I worry about this till i go to sleep.  

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