Me my guitar and Niall

When Maryalex becomes part of the One Direction tour as the new guitarists. she never expected to fall for Niall and Niall fall for her. But her having a boyfriend gets in the way wich makes Niall go crazy and makes him fight for her.


15. My Daddy is Finally Home (four weeks later)

Four weeks later

Maryalex P.O.V

Im the morning and see that i have a text from Niall says:

Good morning ill see you at 1pm hope to see you there

I smile as i read it. I get up and feed Honey then i get dressed. I walk down stairs and see that my mom isnt home and she left a note saying:

Good morning Honey had to go see your grams ill see you later have a surprise for you :) love your mom.

I walk in the kitchen and make my self breakfast. A milkshake with some cereal i then decide to take Honey for a walk and do so. I grab the leash and start to walk to the park. 

"Hey aren't you One Directions new guitarist?" i girl passes and asks. I smile and nod. She walks away with a smile. As she passes is a girl that looks familiar. Its Dani.

"DANI!!" I yell she looks at me with a smile and walks towards me.

"Omg Lex how are you"she gives me a hug. She is so perfect that blond hair and those brown eyes are just perfect.

"Im really good" i kiss her cheek.

"So i heard your one directions new guitarist" she looks at me and we take a seat.

"Yeah wowww the word really spreads fast" i say unhooking Honey from his leash and letting him run away.

"Well it is one direction" she crosses her legs.

"Yeah thats true.

"What does Oscar think about this?" she asks.

"Well you know hes good i gues but what about you have you found another band to sing in" i ask.

"No i haven't  she says with a sad face. Dani was the lead singer in the bad with Oscar and me but then i dont know why Oscar let her go too. We talk for i while and then i look at my phone. Its 12:43.

"Well i need to go to rehearsal Dani it was great seeing you again and good luck" i stand up and give her a hug.

"Good luck to you too with the take me home tour" i smile at her and walk back home with Honey. I run up stairs to my room and get my guitar. I then drive to stage. When i get there i say hello to the boys and we start rehearsal. We go through half of the album then we get to Rock Me at the end of the song there's a awkward silence and then someone for out the audience walks in.

"That was great" and claps there hands. I would recognize that voice anywhere ant time  I stay frozen for a whie thinking and then i let it out.

"DAD YOUR HOME!!!" i put my guitar down and run toward him and i can see him walking towards me. I run to hin literally making him lose his balance.

"Hi baby girl i missed you so much" he hugs me and i hug him tight. Then the tears come. Not bad ones but good ones.

"Oh my dad i missed you so much" i try to wipe the tears but they just keep coming out.

"I missed you to baby girl" i look into his eyes and see his eyes watery. We stay hug for a while then i realize that im still in rehearsal. I hold my dads hand and direct him to the boys ans Paul.

"Guys this is my dad Charlie Roberts" they all smile. "Dad this is Zayn Malik Louis Tomlinson Liam Payne Harry Styles and Niall Horan also known as One Direction and this is Paul Higgins the bands manager" they all shake hands.

"Its a honor to meet you sir" Niall says.

"Its a honor to meet you to son" my dad response. My dad quickly takes a seat next to Paul and we continue rehearsal. When were are done Paul and my dad walk to stage with us.

"That was perfect" Paul says and my dad smiles. We all take i drink of water.

"So guys the Take me Home tour start this Friday. How you feel?" Paul asks.

"I feel nervous" i say they all laugh. Once we are done we all agree to meet at the complex and then grab our plane to Uncasville CT. My dad drives home with me. When i open the door of the house i see that my mom made a huge dinner. She walks to us and hugs my dad.

"Did you like your surprise" what she new.

"Yeah i loved it you new?" i ask.

"Yeah when i said that i needed to see your grams i was on my way to pick up you dad" he directs us to the table and we eat. At the end we sit on the sofa and see tv. Then i give my dad and mom a good night kiss and go to bed. I fall asleep thanking good for my life.

My daddy is finally home.


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