Me my guitar and Niall

When Maryalex becomes part of the One Direction tour as the new guitarists. she never expected to fall for Niall and Niall fall for her. But her having a boyfriend gets in the way wich makes Niall go crazy and makes him fight for her.


28. "Lex im not lying!"

Nialls P.O.V

“I’m sorry Niall I don’t know” She hesitates to say.

“No no its it’s okay” I respond still taking count of what just happened.

“No no Niall it’s wasn’t okay I have a boyfriend” She replays. This gets me so fuckin mad that she brings Oscar up. As she’s about to leave a grab her hand with a tight grip and pull her in towards me.

“No Lex I love you a lot actually and I’m sure you some how have the same feelings towards me” her face expression shows me that she’s confused and surprised.

“No Niall I have a boyfriend” she doesn’t make any eye contact.

“Lex please just one chance?” I ask try to make our eyes meet but the don’t.

“Im sorry Niall” she replays with sorrow and looks into my eyes. I let go of her and she starts to walk away. What the fuck did I do? I just ruined everything. I didnt even tell her about Oscar. I might of just tell her now.

“Lex Oscar is cheating on you” I yell out so she could hear me. She stops as I speak.

“What?” she turns around and I could see the confusion through her eyes.

“Oscar is cheating on you back home” I repeat.

“How can you say t-" her voice is full with anger and I cut her off.

“Those three four days that me and the boys were gone we went back home and saw him kissing another girl in the park” I answer her.

“You’re lying” I hear the anger in her voice.

“Lex why would I lie to you? I love you” I replay.

“Exactly just because I just put you down a second ago you just made it up” She stands in front of me and puts her guitar case down.

“Lex no I’m not lying to you” I replay.

“I never though you would do something like this” She exclaims.

“Do what Lex? I’m not lying.  Ask the boys they were with me” my voice is now loud.

“I thought we were friends” She looks in to my eyes.

“We are” I replay.

“Friends don’t do this to each other. They don’t make up some stupid story about their boyfriend cheating on them” She yells out.

“Im still your friend because I didn’t make up any story up.  I’m just trying to make you see that Oscar doesn’t deserve you. He’s a dick he’s cheating on you your just to stupid to see it” I yell out.

“Who are you to tell me he doesn’t deserve me?” she asks.

“I’m your friend who doesn’t want you to get hurt” I answer.

“Your pathetic” she picks up her case and walks away.

“Lex wait” I hold on to her hand.

“Let go if you don’t want things to get worse” she turns her head to me and exclaims with anger. She gives me no choice but to let go.

“Lex I’m not lying!” I yell. She soon is out of sight and I’m alone looking out in to the empty crowed. “FUCK!” I scream and it echoes through the arena. After a few minutes of thinking completely nothing I decide to go to my dressing room and do something in there. I open the door and see the boys in the room. I sit down on the sofa.

“So how it go?” Louis asks with expression in his voice expecting me to give them good news.

“We kissed I then told her I love her she said no I told her about Oscar and now she hates me” I answer.

“Wait what you guys kissed?” Harry asks in shock.

“Yes but she hates me” I replay. No one really talks because they know that I could punch anybody right now.

“I think you need so time to yourself mate” Zayn says as he gets up to leave along with the others.

“Im sorry Niall” Liam says as he passes me.

“Look lad she can’t be mad at you forever” Louis exclaims from the door.

“She loves you to much” Zayn adds and then they are all out of the room. I sit there and soon close my eyes to take a nap.

‘What Kind of Shit I’m I In’

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