Me my guitar and Niall

When Maryalex becomes part of the One Direction tour as the new guitarists. she never expected to fall for Niall and Niall fall for her. But her having a boyfriend gets in the way wich makes Niall go crazy and makes him fight for her.


19. Im just hoping they dont hate me

Maryalex P.O.V

I walk out and laterally lose my balance and i almost fall. I look all around and see nothing but flashing light everywhere. I look to my slide and realize that i have just forgot where to stand. I look at the crowd one more time and this time i fall.

"Woww you okay there Lex" to my luck Josh has ran to me and catches me. I stand up and look at him and he hands me a water bottle.

"Yeah im just super nervous" i say.

"Yeah thats how i felt my first time but i got sick" this makes me giggle and then i hold my guitar and get scared.

"Josh i just forgot the notes" i say with a frightened voice. He giggles.

"Dont worry just follow my drums beat and you'll be fine and if your lost just play the scale" he says opening the water bottle for me. All of the sudden i her someone in my ear. I touch my ear and see that i have a ear piece in there. I look at Josh and see that he noticed it to. I dont even remember putting that thing in there.

Paul:okay guys its show time get in you spots we are out in 2 ready Lex you'll be fine. 

I hear come out of the ear piece Josh has heard it to.

"Good luck babe" he says as he walks back to his drum set. I smile and turn around and see the crowed and again almost loss my balance. I can see out of the corner of my eye that Josh sees this and stands up. "BE CAREFUL IM NOT THERE TO CATCH YOU" he laterally yells.

"RIGHT" i yell back i take one last drink and stand there looking at the crowed.

Paul:and we are out in ..9..8."Paul says and i say to my self. 'you going to me okay'  "7..6" 'if you get lost follow Josh. "5..4" ' dont ruin this idiot' "3..2.." 'just calm down' "1.." as soon as Paul gets to 1 the boys come out jumping and start to sing. Im so lost on whats going on that i dont notice we have started. I turn around and see Josh yelling my name. I quickly get in place and start to play. The boys take breaks and then just stand around taking. I get lost a few more times and then i get the hang out it. Whenever i turn around a see that Josh is looking at me. The show ends with Rock me the hardest song. I don't mess up that much but Niall does look at me a few times. At the end when it s all over the boys say bye and we leave the stage. We get ready to leave and get to the limo. We get to the hotel and meet in Harrys room.

Im just hoping they dont hate me

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