Me my guitar and Niall

When Maryalex becomes part of the One Direction tour as the new guitarists. she never expected to fall for Niall and Niall fall for her. But her having a boyfriend gets in the way wich makes Niall go crazy and makes him fight for her.


5. I just met this girl and shes perfect in every single way

Nialls P.O.V
I see paul wave to someone but see no one but a beautiful girl that steals my eyes. I stare at her shes beautiful bright blue eyes and curly black hair with a electric blue high light on her side bang and on the left side of her hair. Shes perfect. Im admireing her so much i dont even notice her walking towards us. She hugs Paul who is standing up and introduce each other. Paul turns her to us.
"Boys meet Maryalex Roberts your new guitarists!" the boys mouth and mine fall and form a 'O' 'Score'. We all stand up and shake her hand introduce ourself and give her a hug. Zayns first then Louis Liam Harry and last but not least me. I hold her hand tightly and give her a tight hug. Paul sits her down next to me. She smells so good like roses. We order and then Paul starts.
"Ok first thing is first school are you going to school collage ?"
"I actully just finished school im 18" 
"Great....who tough you to play guitar" zayn asks
"My dad when i was like 12 not sure"
"Parents are they ok with you not being around for about half a year" Paul asks
"Yeah my mom is very supported"
"What about your dad?" i hesitate to ask.
"Well yeah hes great we talk once every month" she kinda says with a frowned
"May i ask why?" dumbass louis asks we all look at her.
"Umm.........his in the military but he will be out in a cupel of months"
"Well solutes to your father" louis adds. Maryalex is so interesting she said she was even in a band name Marching White. She said she got kicked out cause they thought she would do better solo. We eat and have our laughs. Her laugh makes me smile. I mean i just met this girl and shes perfect in every single way. 
"Maryalex we start tour in a month a want to start rehersal tomorow how dose that sound?" Paul asks
"Thats great where?" she asks taking a zip of the drink.
"Where you toke your addition 2:30pm" 
"Yeah thats great" she responds. I can see that the boys love her to well maybe not as much as i do. By the end of the day we all love her. She gets up and gets ready to leave
"Well i better get going ill see you guys tomorrow" we all get up and give her i hug and shes out. Louis stands and waits till shes gone. When shes out the door he looks at me.
"Someone likes Lex to much huh leprechaun " all the boys look at me and agree even Paul.
"Was it really that noticeable" 
"Mate you blushed more than .... I dont know i lost count on 50" Harry says. I look at Paul. He raises his eyebrow and nods.
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