Me my guitar and Niall

When Maryalex becomes part of the One Direction tour as the new guitarists. she never expected to fall for Niall and Niall fall for her. But her having a boyfriend gets in the way wich makes Niall go crazy and makes him fight for her.


30. I feel something like a hit on my chest.

Nialls P.O.V 

I look up to Harry and smile at him. He stands up and walks back to where he was sitting.

"Harry!" I stop him and he turns around, "Thanks" he gives a chuckle and I don't have idea why.

"No prob" he responds and walks away. I really hope Harry helped in some way. At this moment I don't even care about our kiss or about there even being a 'us' in the future with her. I just want to fix things back to the way that they were. I don't even think I care if she still stays with Oscar after everything I told her. Wait what of course I don't want her to be with the jerk. Shes amazing and she deserves much better. I put my head down between my arms and close my eyes. I took a long nap earlier but I still seem tired and to my surprise I take a short nap for 5 minutes and then Im woken up by the laugh of Lex. I peek over and see her sitting her back facing me.

"Ughh!" I sigh. I stand up and walk back to where I was sitting. As I sit I expect for it to get silent but there doesn't. I sit down and to my surprise Lex doesn't leave she sits still with a blanket wrapped around her. Everyone talks for a long time about the tour so far and about other stuff to deal with back home but I don't pay much attention I just laugh along with them. Maryalex talks but does not direct a conversation to me. This should be a start to at lest being friends again I guess Harry must have had really helped. she then stands up and walks to back where she was before. I sit there for a while and then decide to go speak to her. I walk to the back but the door is once again closed. I put my ear against the door.

"I love you too babe... no i love you more" she says and I feel something like a hit on my chest. Who else would she be talking like that too? "No you hang up first haha...ok then ill hang up first ok i miss you and love so much baby...bye... awww...ok bye love you...bye" the door then opens all the sudden while im still standing there ease dropping on her. I look at her and she just smiles with a chuckle. Oh my god her smile I just to fuckin adorable. I smile back. Just then all the boys come to the back and by the looks of it we are now going to sleep. We all get in our bunk I get in the one above Maryalexs and we turn the lights of. There is no sound at all its all very quite. I cant seem to go to sleep. I stay up thinking about Lex. About an hour later the bus then stops at a gas station. This never really happens. Our tour buses are always filled up so we don't run in to trouble. Our bus driver comes and whispers to me that if I want I can get of to get of to stretch or something. I put a sweater on and get down from my bed. I look at Lexs bunk and shes no there so she must be in the store now. I quickly get of put my hoodie on just in case anyone recognizes me but this seems like no use there's a huge bus in a gas station at about 1am. I walk in and I see all the boys are wide awake. Zayn Liam Louis and Harry are all playing around with the souvenirs and the crazy looking hats while I see Lex by the drinks. I quickly walk towards her and pretend to be picking out one as well. She grabs a tea and quickly joins the boys at the hats. I grab a coke and try to join the boys but by then all of them and Lex are paying. The boys each have at lest two funny looking hats and Lex has two. She is just in front of me and she is now paying She seems to be five dollars short (yes they are in the u.s) and has to leave one of the hats. I quickly help her out.

"Thanks" she smiles at me.

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