Me my guitar and Niall

When Maryalex becomes part of the One Direction tour as the new guitarists. she never expected to fall for Niall and Niall fall for her. But her having a boyfriend gets in the way wich makes Niall go crazy and makes him fight for her.


8. Hes going to be okay

Maryalex P.O.V
I wake up very early beacause i cant wait. The excitement is killing me. I try to stay in bed for at least a hour more but its imposible. I get up and go take a shower. I take my time and just think about taday. What else can i think about? I get out the shower and dry my hair. I change into what i will wear later. Black skinny jeans a blue polo and my black converse. OH SHIT Oscar doesnt know about the band. I walk to his house and hear that the band doesnt have rehearsals. I walk to the door and he opens it.
"Hi babe what a surprise come in" i walk inside and wait for him. 
"So whats up beautiful" he says as he kisses my cheek. "I fergot to tell you yesterday one directions new guitarists" i can see his mouth fall. He comes to me and grabs me by the waist and picks me up and spins me. 
"Omg Lex im so happy baby you better not be lying right?" he asks
"Babe im not lying i meet them yesterday and i have rehearsal later!" i try to slow down
"Oh my gosh Marilex Roberts you made it babe you did" i smile at him. We sit down and watch a movie. Dumb and Dumber this movie is the best. Then for some reason i get the most hateful feeling ever. What if my dad doesnt come back? What if he leaves my mom and me on our own? What if he hes not there to walk me down the aisle? This is to much i start to cry. Oscar looks at me. 
"Babe whats wrong?" i shake my head and say nothing.
"Its that feeling huh" i nod. "Lex you know it tears me apart to see you crying for something like that his okay nothing will happen hell come back babe please dont" he sees a tear about to reach my lip. He comes at me and kisses me passionately. Once he takes his lips of i look at the time and its time to leave. 
"Babe i have to go to rehearsal now okay" i stand up and he does to.  
"Ofcourse you do ill see you later" i walk to the door and he opens it. I kiss him bye and walk home. I open the door and go upstairs to get my guitar. I grab a sweeter. 
"MOM IM GONE" i yell at my mom. 
"OK BABE LOVE YOU!"she yells back. I walk out to my car. I put my case in the back and im on my way. When i get there i get my guitar and head to the stage.
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