Me my guitar and Niall

When Maryalex becomes part of the One Direction tour as the new guitarists. she never expected to fall for Niall and Niall fall for her. But her having a boyfriend gets in the way wich makes Niall go crazy and makes him fight for her.


4. *fingers crossed*

Maryalex P.O.V
I get dressed fast. I put on bright blue polo and short with my back high top converse. I leave my natural curly black hair alone not doing anything about my blue high light and just put some eyeliner on. I walk down stairs sit down and watch tv.  I grab a water bottle and just fall on the couch and start to watch some star news and i get closer to the tv.
"one direction has ended their additions for there new guitarists and they have pick one luck person stay tuned tomorrow to know who this is" i look at the  clock and at its time for me to go. I grab my keys.
"MOM IM LEAVING!!" i yell at my mom who is up the stairs.
"OKAY BABE GOOD LUCK!" she yells back. I walk out the door and into my car and think about how awesome this is. I wonder if they think im a guy. Why wouldnt they. You dont see a lot of girls playing guitar in the biggest bands in the world do you. Oh shit what if they come to my house and see all the posters i have of them in my room. ill just take them down later. When in get there intake a deep breath and pray that everything goes well. I get out of the car and into Nandos i see Paul looking at me and waves i walk to him and the boys. *fingers crossed* 
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