Me my guitar and Niall

When Maryalex becomes part of the One Direction tour as the new guitarists. she never expected to fall for Niall and Niall fall for her. But her having a boyfriend gets in the way wich makes Niall go crazy and makes him fight for her.


22. convincing Paul

Nialla P.O.V 

"Paul please its going to be quick just four five days please" i say following him around the room.

"Boys the tour just started you guys could wait till the holidays" Paul doesn't look at us.

"Please we really really need to go its a emergency" Harry says

"And the emergency is.." Paul looks at him and so do we. Harry is such a bad lier. He looks at us with a 'what do i say look'.

" pussy cat Molly umm is in the pet hospital because she ate a umm..mouse??" Harry is say and we all look at him with a weird look and so does Paul.

"First of all Harry you do know that you are a bad lier right and sencond of all that cats are suppose to eat   mouses" he looks at Harry in the eyes and then Paul looks at us. "Look boys i know that all of you are not just going home to see a cat get sick from eating something they are suppose to eat. Maybe if you guys tell me the real reason then yeah ill think about it" everyone looks at me and i have no choice but to let it out.

"Okay look Paul you know how i feel about Lex right" he nods hes head "and look the boys have said that they have seen him around with girls and well if this is true ill tell Lex then my guess is that most likely she will break up with him and BOOM theres my chance but to make all of that happen we need to go back home and check up on that jerk so pleaseee"

"But why do all of the boys have to go?" Paul looks at the boys.

"Well because they are the ones who have seen him" Im begging now. Paul sits down on his chair and think about for about 5 minutes. He finally stands up and looks at us.

"Okay you boys can go" we all start to celebrate and then he stops us "but you have to be back for about the max of 4 days and you guys are going to work even harder and your going to go to bed at the time that i say and turn the Xbox off when i say" we all stop celebrating as soon as he say the Xbox part. We all look at Louis and he looks dead. "Got it" he say We all agree and walk out the room before Louis changes hes mind.

"NO BUT PAUL NO I REFUSE PAUL" Louis screams because we are laterally dragging him out the room. We head to our room and pack and then Paul comes and tells us our flight leaves in 3hours. We tell him not to tell Lex about this. When we are done packing we play for a while and then they drive us to the air port and we are off. I take a seat next to Liam and Zayn and text Lex.

to Lex: Hi cutie :)xx

Zayn looks at my screen and just smiles.

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