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4 Divisions. One rebellious girl. One mysterious boy. One choice that will change both their lives, forever. Will she make the right choice? Can she trust the boy who claims he not only knows her, but loves her? And what happens when the Division leaders don't exactly see eye to eye?


2. Two Days Away

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   "Victoria, darling, you need to get up and make your brother breakfast!" Victoria's mother, Molly Keegan, called from downstairs.

   Victoria rolled over and stretch her arms above her head; letting out a loud groan as the morning sunlight blinded her tired eyes. The clock that hung on the pale yellow walls of her bedroom read 6am. Much too early for any normal person to fully operate. But here's her mother, waking her up to make breakfast for her 18 year old brother, Troy. Who, by the way, is more than able to make his own breakfast. Never the less, Victoria found herself hopping out of bed and strolling into the family bathroom. After she finished cleaning her teeth and quickly running a comb through her long brown hair, she slipped a light brown blazer over her under garments.

   Her mother wouldn't approve of her lack of clothing, but Victoria didn't really care. Her mother had a very bad habit of trying to control every aspect of Victoria's life. She assures Victoria that she was protecting her and constantly reminded her that dull brown clothing is regulation. The government makes everyone in the Division wear certain clothes, say certain things, and even live a certain way; Victoria hates it. She hates that the Commanders try to control them like puppets on a stick.  But not Victoria. She won't go down without a fight, that's been her way of thinking ever since she was 14 years old. 

   Victoria slowly made her way down the old, creaky stairs. She found Troy standing at the sink, doing the dishes. The kitchen table was already set with two bowls of cereal, two spoons, and the milk jug. When Troy heard her bare feet padding into the kitchen he spun around smiling. His grin slipped when he saw Victoria was only in her bra, blazer, and underwear. She smirked as she watched him rush around the kitchen, pulling the blinds closed and locking the front door.

   "Vic, did you forget something upstairs?" his eyes darted towards the window once again, "Like, your clothes."

   "Nope," she said cheekily, "I meant to do that. By the way, thanks for making breakfast."

   Troy chuckled at his younger sister's rebellious attitude. He had always admired her bravery and charisma, as appose to his cowardice.

   The siblings sat down and quickly ate their small breakfast. Victoria's brain swam with ways to stir up a conversation, she couldn't stand the awkward silence. Thankfully Troy caught on and murmured, "I'm going to miss you y'know."

   Victoria knew he was referring to his leaving the Division. This year's Choosing Ceremony took place in only two short days.

   "I'm going to miss you too," she whispered, "more than you'll ever know."

   A startling smash made them both jump, "Victoria Keegan! What are you wearing?!"

   "The matching bra and underwear you made me for my birthday two years ago and Troy's old blazer." Victoria muttered casually. Her mother let out an exasperated sign, earning a smirk from Troy and a cheeky grin from Victoria.

   "Young lady, you better get your butt up those stairs and put some clothes on!"

   "Okay! Okay!," Victoria grumbled, "Don't get your granny panties in a wad."

    Troy busted out laughing at his mother's horrified expression. Molly glared at her daughter as she skipped up the stairs.

   "You really shouldn't humor her bad behavior," Molly scolded, "her attitude is becoming a problem at school and with her teachers. Her principle called the other day to inform your father and I that she only has one more chance before she's kicked out of school. She needs that education Troy! What kind of life will she have if she doesn't have her diploma, if she doesn't get accepted into a Division?"

    "Mom, calm down," Troy soothed, "She's doing fine in school. I help her with her homework every night and most of the time she's better than me! I'm a whole grade higher than her and she does my homework like it's for children. Y'know, now that I think about it, she a lot stronger than me too. Though I would never admit it to her face, she's better than most people at everything."

    Molly forced a soft chuckle. She had a bad feeling that her daughter's unusual abilities would be noticed by the Commanders. Her bad behavior would make her a dangerous threat in their opinion too. She would be valuable in any of the Division's armies. The only problem is the fact that Victoria would never fight for any of the Divisions. She has already expressed her hate for all the Divisions and Commanders. That means only one thing to the Division Commanders.

   Victoria will be their targeted enemy.



   "I don't want to go to the Choosing Ceremony!" Victoria groaned when her mother pushed open her bedroom curtains, allowing the bright sunlight to pour into the room.

   "Vikki, sweet heart, you know that it's mandatory for everyone in the Division to attend the ceremony." Molly cooed calmly as she strolled over to the closet and pulled out a long, ankle length, tan dress.

    "There's no way I'm wearing that." Victoria stated immediately, "Unless, of course, you want to trim it so that it comes up just above the knee?"

    Molly's stern and pointed look was all the answer Victoria needed, "You'll wear this dress and not speak another word on the subject. Now go make yourself presentable for your Brother's big day. Try to smile, for him."

   The rest of the morning went by in a boring daze. Troy wouldn't leave his room for one reason or another. Victoria's father was at Division Head-Quarters, sorting out paper work and such. While Molly and her daughter sat awkwardly in the living room. Doing nothing but look around the room. Not that there is much else to do, the television set only works from 7pm-8pm. There are no radios or books in Canamad except in the Division's library. There isn't really much in the way entertainment in Canamad at all. Only the citizens and the community sports teams.

   Finally Troy emerged from his room and hopped down the stairs. He was dressed in long tan trousers and a matching blazer with a dark brown dress shirt underneath. His shaggy dirty blonde hair was combed to the side. His bright blue eyes peered calmly through the lenses of his glasses. 

   "Troy, you look dashing." Molly beamed as she pulled her son into a long, motherly hug.

   "Thank you mum." Troy simply said.


   Just like that, Victoria found herself sitting on the uncomfortable chairs at the Choosing Ceremony. Just like she had last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that. Pretty much ever since she can remember. Except this time was different. This time, she was watching her brother walk down the unnaturally polished isle. His shoes squeaked softly in the silence. 

   As if in slow motion, Troy strode confidently to take his place in front of the four Division Commanders and the four Second in Command. He held his head high as they looked him over and read through his files. They checked over his school grades, criminal record, medical information, and the comments left by teachers regarding his learning skills and behavior.

   Suddenly the Commanders of Ranamode, Fanamack, and Canamad stood up, indicating that they want Troy in their Division. The three of them exchanged annoyed glances and then nodded at their Second in Command. All three of which also stood.

   A collective gasp sounds from the crowd. Troy was being fully accepted, by both Leaders, into 3 different Divisions. That means he get's to choose where he wants to go.

   "I-I choose...." Troy takes a deep breath, "I choose Fanamack."

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