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4 Divisions. One rebellious girl. One mysterious boy. One choice that will change both their lives, forever. Will she make the right choice? Can she trust the boy who claims he not only knows her, but loves her? And what happens when the Division leaders don't exactly see eye to eye?


1. Prologue

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*Division#4) Canamad - CANA-MAD*

*(Divison#3) Fanamack - FANA-MACK*

*(Divison#2) Ranamode - RANA-MODE*

*(Divison#1) Anamoda - ANA-MODE-A*

   13 year old, Victoria Keegan skipped quickly down the front steps of her middle school. She took in the warm scents and sounds of spring as she made her way home from school. She turned the corner and headed down the familiar street, upon which she walked every day, to and from school.

   Victoria lived in the wealthier part of Canamad, also known as Division 4. She lived with her mother, Molly, her father, Jacob, and her brother, Troy. She had a cat named Whiskers and a fish named Bubbles. She was the perfect daughter and sister. Except, she had a secret. She didn't like living in Canamad. In fact, she hated it. She hated the plain, identical houses that lined perfectly along the streets. She hated the dull, brown coloured clothing everyone had to wear. She hated not being able to cut her freakishly long brown hair that was always in her way. But most of all, she hated the other divisions for taking advantage of Canamad.

   The people of Canamad, the division of agriculture and home economics, produced all the food for the four divisions. They also supplied clothing and maids to the other divisions. Yet the people of Canamad weren't allowed to own cars, bicycles, most pets, or anything that is considered a luxury. It's simply forbidden. The only mode of transportation is a city truck that is used to transport crops and clothing to other divisions. 

   The people of Fanamack, the division of knowledge, produces books, teachers, and doctors to the other divisions. They have invented ways to power their cars using recycled garbage and other waste products. But they refuse to share their strategies or knowledge in that subject.

   The people of Ranamode, the division of computers and technology, produce computer security systems and other technology of that nature. They are not prohibited to own animals of any kind, so they have developed robotic animals.

   The people of Anamoda, the division of fighting, spies, and weaponry, produce security guards, weapons, and under cover spies. Not much is known about this faction because their entire city in located in a high security mountain.    

   What Victoria dreamed for, what she longed for, was an escape from the boring world around her. A chance to express the way she truly felt inside. But that couldn't happen until she turned 18. Every year there was an event called the Choosing Ceremony in each division where all four division leaders gather with their second in commands, and decide what teens they want from each division. Every single person from the division is required to attend. If anyone is caught in the streets during the time of the ceremony the penalty is death.

   One day, Victoria was walking her usual route from school. Suddenly she spotted a cat sitting at the end of a pointless driveway. She didn't know who the house belonged to, but she recognized the cat instantly. The second the cat saw her he ran up and rubbed his face against her leg. The cat, who's name was Buttons according to his collar, then ran up to the door. Indicating that he wanted inside.

   Victoria walked slowly up to the painted white door and knocked on it quietly. The yellow curtains in the window shook, then the door inched open, revealing a hansom face. His dark brown hair was hanging over his creamy brown eyes. She recognized him as a boy from her school. However, she didn't know his name because he was in a higher grade then she. Perhaps two or three years older. 

   "Urm, your cat wanted inside and I wasn't sure if you heard it." she stammered.

   "Oh, yeah, thanks." he muttered and stepped away from the door, allowing the cat inside.

   She turned around and started down the wooden porch steps. She was almost at the end of the drive when she felt a hand slip into her's.

   "Goodbye Victoria. I made this for you, I know it's your favorite." the boy murmurs as he slips a chocolate chip muffin onto the palm of her hand.

   She examined the warm, freshly baked pastry that sat in her hand. Baking was against the law in Canamad, they were considered a luxury because of the amount of sugar and chocolate used in them. She hadn't seen one since her third birthday, when her mother had secretly made a batch as a present.

   She looked up to find that the boy was no longer standing there. The street was a quiet as ever and his house was a still as night. As if nothing had happened. Victoria wrapped the muffin in a napkin and hid it carefully in her school bag. She silently promised herself to eat it that night, when her family was asleep.

   Once again she wandered toward home. As she passed by the general store she felt a hand latch onto her arm and pull her into an alley. Victoria was half expecting it to be the boy from earlier, instead she turns to find a woman in her mid-forties. Suddenly a piercing pain shoots through her arm as the woman slid a needle deep into her flesh, injecting a greenish yellow liquid into her veins. Victoria's vision went blank, she couldn't move her arms and she was slowly loosing feeling in her legs.

   She couldn't see anything, she could only hear the muffled footsteps running into the alley and she could only feel the grip on her arm tightening.

   "Mother, what the hell are you doing!" a boy's voice seethed. Victoria recognized the voice as the boy from before.

   "Honey, go home, the transformation won't be pretty." the woman's voice orders.

   The boy sighed as if trying to control his anger, "Mother why do you test your experiments on people?"

   "Baby, I though you liked this one," the woman said sweetly, "In a few months, she'll think like us. She'll be like us."

   "How could you!" the boy yelled, "I wouldn't wish this upon anyone!"


   "No, shut up mom, I'm taking her home."

   With that, Victoria felt herself being lifted and carried away.

   She woke up in her bed four days later. She was stronger, faster, taller, and oddly smarter. Both her eye sight and hearing were also improved dramatically.

   The only thing she remembered was his voice. 

   *Years Later*

   Now 16 years old, Victoria watched as the teens from her school walked down the isle and up to the division leaders. Even after three years she still longed to escape the dull division of Canamad. When she was 14, she started to rebel against authorities such as her parents and her teachers. Nothing that would get her in trouble with the Commanders if she was careful. She was done with dressing a certain way and acting like a saint. Something inside her snapped when she turned 14. Like all of a sudden, her entire way of thinking change. In her opinion it changed for the better, but others, especially her mother, think otherwise.  

   Victoria watched the Division Commanders, trying to decide who's Division she would choose if she had the choice. Of course, it's not her choice. The Division Commanders choose who they want in their division. If there are multiple leaders who want someone then the second in command have a choice to speak up. It's not unheard of that people have chosen their destined Division, but it's rare.  

   Victoria spotted a few people in the swarm of teens that she knew from school, but otherwise she had never met them before. All the teens taking part in the ceremony are 18, 2 years older than Victoria. She allowed her eyes to wander across the room. Only to be caught by a striking, bright blue gaze. She held it stubbornly, as she always did with this boy. For all the years that she had know him, he had never spoken a word to her. So she had never attempted to talk to him. She didn't even know his name. Victoria didn't know why he fascinated her so much and she couldn't help but notice that he seemed to share the same interest. Boys never interested her much, with exception to this particular one.

   He slowly passed by her; never breaking eye contact. She finally let her gaze drop to his hand, which was now creeping toward her's. She remained silent as he slipped a folded piece of paper into the palm of her hand, carefully making sure that no one saw it. He then sauntered up to stand in front of the leaders. They regarded him as if were a stallion at auction. Their quizzical stares searching for any possible flaws he might have.

   When they finally started to talk among themselves the boy turned and looked over his shoulder. He raised his hand and indicated that Victoria read the note. So she did.


  I am painfully aware that you have no idea who I am. So this letter will most likely mean nothing to you. But here it goes:

  First of all, I want to apologize for everything; because of me your entire life will be a living hell. I hope dearly that we will find ourselves in the same division someday. That way we will be able to fight through this, together. I promise.

  You must never show this to anyone, they will kill you on the spot. I know you don't understand any of this but you must keep your gifts secret. If they have the slightest suspicion of our power they will kill us, I guarantee it.

  I have done by best to protect you over the past three years. I hope you will be ok for the next two, until I can protect you once more.

  Until then,

  Your protector and hopefully, in time, your friend. 

   Victoria looked up. 

   The boy was already gone.

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