Just the beginning

Stacey is 17 and her dad died. her mom is never home and is always going out on dates. One day Stacey gets in a fight with her mom and she runs off crying. When she gets to park who does she see? He has curly brown hair and green eyes. Everything is going perfect till something dreadful happens!! Read it to find out what happens!! Oh ya this is my first fan fiction so please comment on what you think about it thanks:) And please no hate comments...


7. The torturous hour



After that phone call and what he said I was scared half to death, mostly because I am hungry and he brought back food. I was starving. All of sudden he was feeding me.

"I can feed myself if you just take off the handcuffs" I said 

"Why would I do that? You could run off and I wouldn't get my money." He sounded mad at me for saying that. 

"I wont run I promise, if I do then you can beat me as hard as you want" I was crying again. I guess he didn't like me crying cause he slapped me across the face really hard.

"I am feeding you and that is final!!" He yelled it at me and then started to feed me. When I was done eating he gave me water. I didn't know that he drugged the water with a sleeping pill. Next thing I knew I was sleeping.

10 minutes later

I woke up tied to a chair...again. He was skyping with someone. I wonder who. I hope it wasn't Lou or Harry I don't want him to see me like this. But to my luck it was Lou and the boys. Its been past an hour and I bet he got his money already other wise why did he drug me? He was coming over with knife and he set the phone down so they could see me get tortured I am so scared. My mouth was duct taped so I couldn't scream. I was crying though and all of sudden I feel a knife go through my leg. I was trying to scream but I couldn't. The boys where though I don't think Harry wanted to see this. I don't blame him. I wouldn't want to see it ether. They could see where I was though even though it was just a room I am sure they can find the place by tracing the call. Oh please lord help me...




That guy called a for skype and Louis answered it. I saw Stacey tied to a chair and I heard Harry yelling at him.

"Where are you?!" I could tell Harry was mad.

"Now why would I tell you that when I want to have some fun with your girlfriend before I kill her?" He had an evil smirk on his face and I got a sick feeling in my stomach. After that I went to the kitchen to get a banana. When I got back Harry was outside.




When Louis got a skype, he answered it and I just yelled at him.

"Where are you?!?" I was so mad at him for taking my girl.

"Now why would I want to tell you that when I want to have some fun with your girlfriend before I kill her?" I was so mad by that time and it made me sick how he had that evil smirk on his face. 

"I will find you and I will kill you if you lay another finger on her!!" Then Stacey woke up. She had duct tape on her mouth and was crying. That guy took a knife and stabbed her in the leg. That made me feel even more sick so I walked out of the room mad and ready  to puke because of all the blood. 

Liam came up to me and I was crying all I want to do is keep her safe and I can't do that if I don't know where she is. 

"Hey mate we will find her" Liam said while eating a banana.

"Li I can't keep calm it is sickening how someone could do this to someone. All I want to do is keep her safe. But I can't... Wait I think I know where she is!" I walked back in the room and Stacey was crying and looked like she just saw a ghost. I saw the place more carefully and I knew exactly where she was. It looked like the police knew where she was too because they were gone and left a note. 

:Hey we know where Stacey is. She is at 8564 palace way. Only have a couple people come and stay on skype with him so he doesn't suspect a thing: 

Yes now I know where she is I am coming for you Stacey I love you and I am coming for you!!!!

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