Just the beginning

Stacey is 17 and her dad died. her mom is never home and is always going out on dates. One day Stacey gets in a fight with her mom and she runs off crying. When she gets to park who does she see? He has curly brown hair and green eyes. Everything is going perfect till something dreadful happens!! Read it to find out what happens!! Oh ya this is my first fan fiction so please comment on what you think about it thanks:) And please no hate comments...


8. The rescue



I was ready to pass out and I was loosing a lot of blood. I hope they find me I don't want to die. Not like this anyway. All of a sudden there is a knock at the door...

"We are the police open this second!!" My life is saved! Harry runs in and I am so happy to see him. It has been to long. My mouth was still in duct taped and Harry came up to me and was untying me. Just has he was taking the duct tape off the guy pulled out a gun and shot me. The next thing I knew I was on the ground in Harry's arms bleeding to death.




When we got to where he was keeping Stacey I was so happy to see her! I rushed over to her and was untying her. When I was untying her he pulled out a gun and shot her. She was loosing a lot of blood and I carrying her. The ambulance came and I was freaking out! I can't loose her! I don't know what I will do with out her. I was so depressed when she was taken. 

The ambulance took her to the hospital. I texted the boys saying to meet me there.

15 minutes later

When I got to the hospital Stacey was in surgery. I guess she broke some ribs and her arm. I feel so bad for her. Why couldn't it be me instead. I never want that to happen to her again. Niall came up to me with some hospital food and was eating it.

"How could you eat that stuff?" I asked because the food in the hospital was disgusting

"I don't know I am just really hungry and when I am nervous I eat" Niall is such a pig he never stops eating. "Mate she will be ok." he told me that I knew she was going to be ok. I had this feeling that she would be ok.

"I hope so mate. I don't know what I would do without her." It was true I probably said it a million times to myself.




I walked over to Harry to see how he was doing. 

"Hey Harry Stacey will be ok"

"I know but I can't keep thinking of how this is all my fault" He was crying and I felt so bad for him. He really did love her.

"Harry it is not your fault that she was taken." I know it wasn't his fault. How could it be? He was knocked out.

"It was my fault and it should have been me not her" 

"Harry you can't do anything about it! What happened is not your fault so stop saying it was!" 

"Ky thanks for trying to make me feel better but until I see Stacey alive and safe I am not going to feel better" Man I felt so bad for him. They really love each other. I wish I could find a relationship like theirs.

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