Just the beginning

Stacey is 17 and her dad died. her mom is never home and is always going out on dates. One day Stacey gets in a fight with her mom and she runs off crying. When she gets to park who does she see? He has curly brown hair and green eyes. Everything is going perfect till something dreadful happens!! Read it to find out what happens!! Oh ya this is my first fan fiction so please comment on what you think about it thanks:) And please no hate comments...


6. Taken...




When I woke up Harry was gone. Probably making breakfast, he is so sweet! I love him! I went to the bathroom and took a shower, brush my teeth, put some makeup on, and got dressed in some sweatpants and a t-shirt. When I got downstairs Harry was making bacon and eggs. He is such a good cook!

"Morning babe" Said Harry

"Morning Curly"

"So what do you want to do today?"

"Well it is raining, so I don't know you pick"

"Well we could go for a walk in the rain" I could tell Harry wanted to go for a walk in the rain.

"Ya that sounds like fun" I wanted to go for a walk in the rain also. It sounded romantic.. After we ate breakfast the boys came down.

"I smelll foooood" Oh Niall he always wants to eat...

"Niall you eat like a pig" Liam said, he is like the leader in the house I found out.

"Well babe shall we go then?" Harry asked me

"Ya let me go get a jacket real quick"

"Where you guys going?" Ky asked looking worried

"Just for a walk in the rain" Harry said looking happy

"K I am ready, I will see you guys later" I held Harry's hand and we walked out the door.




When Stacey and I walked out side I could tell she was cold so I wrapped my arm around her. She looked beautiful with the rain drops in her hair. I have always wanted to do something out in the rain with the girl I loved. So I kissed her in the rain and she kissed back. After a minute of kissing we started to walk down to the beach. We walked up and down the beach and after an hour we decided to go back home. On our way there was this guy following  us...

"Can I help you?" I said, he kept following us and I got a sick feeling in my stomach.

"Why yes you can, I want the girl to come with me" HE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!!!

"Sorry but I can't let you take her" He came running to me and punched me and I guess I passed out cause everything went black...




While we were walking back to the house a guy started following us and I got scared. I held Harry's hand and I whispered in his ear. 

"Don't let him hurt me and don't get hurt" I was shaking.

He whispered back..."Don't worry babe everything is going to be all right" I knew everything would not be all right. I wanted to go home and fast!

"Can I help you?" Harry asked...Oh why did he have to ask that....

"Why yes you can, I want the girl to come with me" WHAT DID HE JUST SAY!?!? OH MY GOSH NOW I AM SO NERVOUS!!!!! 

"Harry don't let him take me" I was crying when I whispered in his ear saying that. 

"Sorry but I can't let you take her" After Harry said that he came charging at him! He punched him right in eye and I ran over to Harry to make sure he was okay. Then he grabbed me.

"HARRY DON'T LET HIM TAKE ME HARRRRY!!!!!" I started shouting and kicking. He put a cloth to my face. At first I didn't know what he was doing, then I felt my eyelids drop and I fell asleep. 




I woke up...I didn't know where I was...Then it all started to come back to me. I was under a bridge. Stacey and I where walking home when a guy started following us. Then I blacked out. OH NO STACEY!!! What was I going to say to Lou?!? Aw man I have to find her!!! What if she is hurt! What if she is dead!! Harry don't think like that I bet she is okay. Think positive not negative...I guess I will have to go home and tell the boys what happened and call the police.. I got home and Lou looked nervous...

"Harry where is Stacey?" Lou asked me looking really nervous.

"Lou I am so sorry I tried to fight him but he knocked me out" I had tears in my eyes by that time and I could feel tears coming down my cheeks.

"Harry what are you saying?!" Lou asked screaming

"SHE WAS TAKEN LOU AND I TRIED EVERYTHING!!!" I was screaming I was so scared I really hope she is okay.

"Oh Harry we will find her I promise" Liam said I was sitting down crying on the couch I couldn't hold it in anymore. I want her back and I will find her.




I woke up tied to a chair. I didn't know where I was and I wanted to go back home. All of a sudden a guy came over to me.

"Good your awake" Who was he and what did he want with me!?

"Who are you and what do you want!?!?" I asked I was crying 

"Oh baby don't cry your gonna be alright...well sorta...Ha why should I lie? You are never going to see your friends again!!!" Harry where was he!? I want to go home. I was screaming and shouting for help but no one could hear me. He had a knife...

"STOP SCREAMING YOU IDIOT!!! OR YOU WILL GET HURT!!!!" I stopped...But tears where still streaming down my face..

"Where is my BF!?!" 

"Oh I left him under a bridge" He had an evil smile on his face. I was so scared I just want this to end. "and if you don't cooperate with me I will kill him, I will find him and kill him" I just nodded I don't want Harry to die. If he died I would die I can't live without him.

"Good now I am going to let you call him but you only have 2 minutes to say goodbye..You are never going to see him again" I was still crying and my eyes were red and puffy. My voice is also cracking but I don't care...He called Harry's phone and I was hopping he would answer...




While I was on the couch crying Liam called the police and told them to come over. 20 Minutes later there was a knock on the door and the police came in. 

"Harry can I ask you a few questions?" One of the police officers asked me. I just nodded and he came and sat down by me. "When was the last time you saw Stacey?"

"We were taking a walk and we were under a bridge. Then this guy came and took her. I blacked out cause he hit me hard."

"What did this guy look like?"

"He had black hair and brown eyes. He was about 6'2 and was really buff."

"Thank you Harry we will find her I promise." Just has they were leaving I got a call from an unknown number. Should I answer it? Yes I have to. The police where still there and they told me to answer it and put it on speaker. 

"Hello?" I asked

"Hello Harry....I have someone here who wants to talk to you but you only have 2 minutes to say goodbye" 

"Harry is that you?!?"

"Stacey!!! Where are you?" 

"Sorry I can't answer that, he has a knife up to me and if I say anything like that he will kill me. Harry I am scared and I want to go home," I could tell she was crying 

"Stacey I will find you. You will be okay and I love you be strong ok?"

"Okay but Harry he will kill you if you do anything like that. I love you Harry please don't let him kill me" 

"Stacey I wont I will find you....."

"Hello Harry." the guy was on the line now...

"LET HER GO!!!!!" I was shouting

"Harry I am not going to kill her....yet...I am going to kill you first...Only if she doesn't cooperate with me that is...and if I don't get what I want...." Then the line got cut off but then Louis' phone went off...




After Harry got off the phone. I got a call from a different number it said unknown. I answered it and put it on speaker...


"Hello Louis I think your cousin want to speak to you" great it was the man who kidnapped my cousin! I want to kill him!!!

"Louis? Help me he is only on the phone with you for one reason......."


"AHHHHHHHHH.....LOUIS....NOOOO..PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! she was screaming oh no this can not be good...

"Louis you have one hour to get me what I want or she gets stabbed...."

"OUUUCCHHH.....AHHHHHH LOUIS HELP ME QUICK!!!!!" is he torturing her!?!? 

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HER!?!?" I was mad and pisst by this time.

"Oh just a little treatment she needed, One hour to get me $1000 One hour" then the phone went dead...

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