Just the beginning

Stacey is 17 and her dad died. her mom is never home and is always going out on dates. One day Stacey gets in a fight with her mom and she runs off crying. When she gets to park who does she see? He has curly brown hair and green eyes. Everything is going perfect till something dreadful happens!! Read it to find out what happens!! Oh ya this is my first fan fiction so please comment on what you think about it thanks:) And please no hate comments...


11. Revenge



Stacey freaked me out when she passed out. I guess she was faking it. Not the whole entire time but since they came back from there walk. Which I knew they were I could tell by Stacey's face expression. But when she didn't wake up I started to freak out. Then Harry told us she was just sleeping and that she has had a long day. We all have had a long day. After Stacey fell asleep the rest of the boys and I left to the store to get Stacey a few presents saying welcome back to us, and get her favorite food. But first I think Zayn wants to play a little trick on her. He grabbed her least favorite food and extra of her favorite foods. I don't really know what he was doing but I can't wait to find out.

"Hey Zayn what are you doing with those foods?" I just pointed to the foods that he was holding.

"Oh well since Stacey played a trick on us. We all decided to play a little something on her. Harry doesn't know yet so don't tell him. We don't want him to get worried. Plus its harmless." While Zayn said that he had an evil look in his eye. 

"That sounds like revenge...I want in but I don't want to hurt her." 

"Oh it wont hurt her I promise. This is just a little trick I learned in camp 3 years ago." 

"Well ok then" After I said that Niall came up to me with food in his mouth from Nando's. That boy and Nando's I don't really know whats so special. Mostly because I have never been there. 

"Hey Ky I was wondering if you wanted to go to Nando's with me tonight for dinner. Since you have never been there. You want to go?" Oh My Gosh did Niall Horan just ask me out?! Me out of all people he choose me?!?

"Yes of course I would love to go Nando's with you!!" I was so happy I hugged Niall and he hugged back.

5 minutes later

When we got back to the house Stacey and Harry were cuddling. Awe thats so cute!! "Hey guys." I said while plopping my self down on the couch. "Hey Stace you want to come help me get ready?"

"Get ready for what Ky?" 

"I have a date with Niall tonight at Nando's since I have never been there."

"Ya lets go. I would love to help you get ready." She had a huge smile on her face saying I knew you to would get together. When we were upstairs Stace helped me with my hair, makeup, and an outfit to where. Since we are only going to Nando's we decided on some jeans with a blue blouse with a black tie thing that goes around the waist and some flats. I hate heels and I will never where them. 




I am so happy for Ky I knew that Niall liked Ky and I knew that he would ask her out it just didn't know when he was going to ask her. They are so cute together and this is there first date. I did her makeup her makeup was some foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, blush, masceara, and lipgloss. She looked stunning! I tried to convince her to where heels but she didn't want to. 

"Ky I hope you have a fabulous time tonight and don't stay out to late. I herd Zayn is cooking my favorite foods." I was so excited for that. But knowing Zayn it probably wont be as good as Harry's cooking.

"Stacey I think I will be full by the time I get home. Remember I am going to Nando's a food place." Ky said that like I was 3 but she is right. She most likely will be full.

"Your right Ky you probably will be full." After she was ready we went downstairs.




While Stacey was helping Ky get ready upstairs I decided to make the nasty one first. You know because she will be eating that one first. But it wont look any different then the regular one. That way she wont suspect a thing. Harry doesn't know yet but he is in kitchen and I want to prank him too. 

"Hey Hazza can you give me my space in the kitchen while I cook?" I was hoping he would leave...

"Why Zayn?" He looked suspicious. When Harry is suspicious he doesn't leave until he finds what he is looking for.

"Please Hazza? I want to see if I can cook without you looking over my shoulder 24/7 so please leave." I was rushing him out of the door. I looked at Liam and waved him over.

"Hey Liam can you please keep Harry out of the kitchen so I can cook?" Liam knew what I was doing and was on to it too. 

"Sure thing mate. Now how do I keep Hazza busy for 10 more minutes? Oh I got it! We will watch a movie! Ya that will keep him busy." Ha ya it will. Hopefully, plus he deserves the food as well as Stacey. They tricked us baddd but good also I would have never have done that.

10 minutes later

Stacey is coming down and I just finished both meals, yes! Stacey is saying goodbye to Niall and Ky and then she was in here.

"Hey Zayn you made 2 courses?" She had that look of really you made to things of it? I had a smile on my face though and she just looked at me.

"Yes I did because of us in the house. We eat like pigs I mean come on you know that Stace." It was true we did eat like pigs. 

"Ya I do know that so can I have some now?" She looked like are you going to serve me orrr kind of look. 

"Yes I will let me just call the others in here. Harry, Liam, Louis get in here!!!" They all came in and sat down at the table. Now I just have to serve Harry and Stacey the disgusting one and the rest of us the amazing one. I was cutting it and it looked gross on the inside I hope they don't look at it. 

"Here you go Stacey, Harry enjoy." 




I walked into the kitchen and Zayn just look like he committed a crime or something. But he also had an evil look in his eye. That is just creepy. He called everyone in and then handed mine and Harry's meal first. That is strange he usually does me last. Uh weirrd. Then I took a bite and I understood why.

"Zayn what is in this!?!" I was spitting it out and was rubbing my tongue with a towel. "That was disgusting dude really?"

"I put brocolli, sor deens, extra cheese, and all those things and hardly anyone likes" Liam, Louis, and Zayn where all laughing and I think they caught it on camera because Louis went to a cupboard that was slightly open and pulled out a camera.

"Delete it now!" I was mad but I was laughing at the same time. You got to admit it was hilarious! I was bright red with laughter. I was chasing Louis with the camera and he was faster and stronger then me and I acted like I stubbed my toe. "Ouch! Louis you made me stub my toe!" He came over but first handed the camera to Liam. Darn It!! "Just kidding" 

"Stacey we aren't going to delete it you know that right?" Lou said to me laughing and we were playing monkey in the middle and of course I was in the middle. 

"Ya I know but this is fun." It really was fun and I don't want to delete it, it was funny and I want to keep it for memories. Then Harry picked me up in the middle and I caught the camera. 

"Hey thats not fair Hazza and Stacey!!" Zayn said and started chasing me, and like I said they are faster and stronger then me and I got picked up and tickled. I am very ticklish and I let go of the camera then thrown on the couch. 

We all then went back to the kitchen and had the good kind of my favorite food which was lasagna. It was amazing! I never knew Zayn could cook! After I was done eating I grabbed some ice cubs and stuck them down Lou's, Harry's, Li's, and Zayn's back and they all chased me to mine and Harry's room. I locked it but after about 2 minutes I unlocked it. That was a huge mistake because they all had cups of ice cold water. Except Harry, who was now holding me down on the grass outside. They all dumped it on me and I was soaking yet after and cold. Harry picked me up bridal style and took me upstairs to take a shower. Then I cuddled with Harry and feel asleep.

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