Just the beginning

Stacey is 17 and her dad died. her mom is never home and is always going out on dates. One day Stacey gets in a fight with her mom and she runs off crying. When she gets to park who does she see? He has curly brown hair and green eyes. Everything is going perfect till something dreadful happens!! Read it to find out what happens!! Oh ya this is my first fan fiction so please comment on what you think about it thanks:) And please no hate comments...


12. Niall and Kylaya



Ky looked stunning when she came down the stairs to go. I am the luckiest guy ever! "Shall we go then?"

"Ya lets go" she had a huge grin on her face it was adorable.

"Hope you like Nando's" 

She laughed "I have never had it before remember?"

"Oh ya" I laughed a little. 

On the way we were talking about our likes and dislikes and we have so much in common! She is perfect. Her birthday is coming up and I want to do something special for her. I bet Stacey is going to do something amazing for her but I want it to be special and after all she is turing 18. 

When we got there we ordered our food. I ordered my usual which is portuguese chicken and Ky got the seafood stir fry. When our food came we sat down at a table next to a window.

"Do you like it?" I asked I hope she says yes this is my favorite place to go out to eat.

"Yes it is so good! Thanks for taking me here" 




When Niall took me to Nando's the place looked weird. But the food was amazing! Niall is so sweet and such a PIG ha ha I still love him for him. Not because he is in One Direction. 

"Hey Niall after this do you want to go to the beach?" I asked I loved the beach and I really want to take a romantic walk on the beach. I haven't gone to the beach for a while and I really want to.

"Sounds like fun love" He was smiling. I really like him and I am the luckiest girl to be with him right now.  

When we finished eating we got into the car (Limo) and drove to the beach. Right when we got there Niall picked me up and was running towards the ocean. "NIALL WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I was laughing and shouting because I was having fun.

"Throwing you into the ocean!" 

"Why?!" I am not even in a bathing suit "Niall I am going to be all wet and I don't extra clothes with me" 

"So I can always call one of the guys to bring us things." Right after he said that he threw me into the ocean. I was soaked! I got up and ran over to Niall. He then took off his shirt, took my hand and we went swimming in the ocean. I was in my clothes of corse and when we were in the ocean we whispered in my ear.

"Ky I have felt like this for a long time. Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Yes!! I have felt the same way for a very long time Niall!" I was smiling and he kissed me passionately. Clouds started to form very quickly and then it started pouring rain. 

"I have always wanted to do this." He kissed me in the rain and I kissed back. This is so romantic I kept thinking. Then we got back into the Limo and the driver I guess went to go get towels for us which is good. Then we drove home cuddling with each other all the way home to keep warm. 

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