Just the beginning

Stacey is 17 and her dad died. her mom is never home and is always going out on dates. One day Stacey gets in a fight with her mom and she runs off crying. When she gets to park who does she see? He has curly brown hair and green eyes. Everything is going perfect till something dreadful happens!! Read it to find out what happens!! Oh ya this is my first fan fiction so please comment on what you think about it thanks:) And please no hate comments...


10. losing or gaining a memory?



I can't believe her memory is gone! well not totally gone and we only have 3 days to get it back. I am going to go to where we first met to see if she remembers anything.

"Come on Stacey I am going to take you somewhere." I held my hand up to see if she would take it and did so that means she still had feelings for me.

"Where to? and whats your name again?" 

"I am Harry I am boyfriend." 

"Oh ok then lets go" I decided to also take her to our secret place.

As we were walking I told her stuff about her past. I think she was getting some of her memory back but I'm not sure what she is thinking right now.




When we were walking he started to talk about my past. Its kinda coming back to me about my mum but thats the only thing I remember. He took me to where he and I first met. I remember running away from someone and tripping but thats about it so far. 

"Do you remember anything yet?" Harry asked me looking like he really wants me to remember him. 

"Ya I remember running away from someone. But that is about it im sorry" I was happy but sad I want to remember everything.

"Well I am going to take you to one more place."

"Ok" I wanted to keep walking cause I really like him and I guess he likes me too cause he said that we are dating so ya.

When we got there it looked so familiar...OH MY GOSH I REMEMBER EVERYTHING!!!!! I kissed Harry on the lips and was so happy!!!

"You remember?!?!" Harry was smiling and hugging me I was soo happy!!

"I remember everything" We hugged and kissed some more. Then we decided to go back home. "when we get there I want to play a little trick on everyone, ok?"

"What kind of trick babe?" 

"I want to trick everyone that my memory is still lost and see how they react you have to play along ok?" 

"Ok that sounds like fun. I will play along only till tomorrow though, right?"

"Ya only till tomorrow. Maybe just till tonight and see how they react" I know I love playing tricks but this one is going to be great!

20 minutes later

We when we got back to the house everyone looked up excited to too see if I got my memory back.

"Nothing" Harry said. Ha I love it when he plays alone with me.

"I'm sorry guys but I am not that girl. I don't know anything. I remember some thing like my mum and dad but thats about it. I am so sorry." Ok so I admit I can't really lie even if my life depended on it but I think I got the hang of this. Lets see how far I go before I ruin it.

"Its ok Stacey, you will get it back eventually" Awe man why do I have to lie to Liam. Maybe I don't have to lie to Louis well I will trick him and all but I will say that I remember him and Ky buts that about it.

"Louis I remember you. You are my cousin. How can I forget my own cousin?" I was happy that I told him that. "Ky I remember you too but thats about it I'm sorry" They looked happy that I remember them.




I kinda have this feeling that Stacey remembers everything but she wants to play a little game with the boys. I guess I will go along with it. I can tell because she is a terrible lier. She couldn't even lie when we were kids. She used to push me playfully and lie that it wasn't her but she would just laugh.  I have been best friends with her since grade 1. Of course I know when she is lying or not. Plus it looks like she wants to crack. (As if to tell the truth and start laughing) I have to help her keep going with this but how? Oh I got it!! 

"Hey Stacey remember when we were kids and you pushed me playfully and then start laughing and try to lie that you didn't do it. Even though you couldn't lie even if your life depended on it?"

"Uh yaaa kind of why?" Oh typical Stacey haha maybe she has gotten better at lying these past couple years.

"Oh just jogging your old memory back thats all." I gave her a wink saying that I know what she was doing.




Does Ky know what I am doing? She is right I can't lie. But I have gotten better at it, I have to admit that. Then Ky winked at me...Oh she knows what I am doing. Awesome she is going to play along well hopefully...I think I am going to fall and act like a passed out then "get my memory back that way" (I was not talking there...) Awesome plan. I whispered in Harry's ear what I was going to do and he said to just be careful. Why wouldn't I be careful?

"Hey Louis, I am starting to feel dizzy is that normal?" 

"Uh Stacey that is not normal. Do you need something to drink love?" Lou asked me and went for the kitchen. 

"Hey Harry please catch me" I fanted. Well faked it of course. All the boys started to rush over me and I think Lou was picked me up. Or Harry I hope it is Harry. He laid me on the couch and Lou put ice on my head. I did feel tired and I guess I feel asleep because Harry was shaking me.

"Stacey get up love." Yup that is Harry talking. "Are you thirsty? Do you need water?" 

"Harry, I am thirsty I feel asleep I am sorry. Where is everyone anyway?" I guess they all left. How long was I out of it? "Hey Harry how long was I sleeping?"

"The boys went to the store to get you your favorite food to make dinner. You where asleep for about 1 hour love. You scared me a bit even though I knew you were faking because you fell asleep." Awww Harry cared about me. Well I already knew he did but that is so sweet!! I love him

"Oh ok. Thanks Harry. I love you, don't you ever forget that ok?" I wanted to make sure Harry knew that and would NEVER forget that. 

"I love you to love." Harry gave me a peck on the lips then went to get me a drink of water.

"Oh and Harry I am going to tell the boys I was faking it"

"Stace they already know. I told them right before Lou was going to take you to the hospital." Well that was good news I did not want to go back to the hospital again for while.

"Thanks curly I owe you" Then I laid back down on the sofa and started to day dream.


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