Just the beginning

Stacey is 17 and her dad died. her mom is never home and is always going out on dates. One day Stacey gets in a fight with her mom and she runs off crying. When she gets to park who does she see? He has curly brown hair and green eyes. Everything is going perfect till something dreadful happens!! Read it to find out what happens!! Oh ya this is my first fan fiction so please comment on what you think about it thanks:) And please no hate comments...


9. coma



A doctor came in and it looked like he had good new. "Well I have bad news and good news. I suggest you hear the good news first."

"Uh ya ok what the good news doctor?" I asked I had this worried look on my face but it look relieved at the same time.

"Well Stacey survived the surgery, but she is in a coma" Oh great she is in a coma and that means I have to wait longer to hear her beautiful laugh.

"Thanks doc. I really apperciate it. Uh can we go and see her now?" Lou asked that.

"Um doc how long will she be in a coma?" Ky asked, she looked relieved that Stacey was going to be ok. I was relieved to.

"I am sorry I don't know how long she is in it. Sometimes when people are in a coma they can hear what is going on around them. But other times they can't. Follow me if you want to see her." 

"Thanks doc." I did a half smile while saying that. We walked into room 689 and I saw Stacey motionless on the bed. I went over to the chair next to it and sat down holding Stacey's hand. 

"Stacey I don't know if you can hear me. But I really miss your beautiful smile and your laugh. Please wake up sweetheart. I miss you." As I said that I started to cry. Ky was rubbing my back for comfort. I wish Stacey was with me right now. "Hey guys I am going to spend the night here if you don't mind."

"Not at all mate. Take care we will see you in the morning ok?" Zayn said as they were all leaving. Ky and Niall holding hands. I think Ky was crying because Stacey is her best friend. I guess she feels the same way about all this. But it was my fault that she got taken. I should've told her to run while I fought him. Then this would have never happened in the first place. I guess I should listen to Ky, cause I can't change what happened. I will have to live with it.

"Come on Stacey please wake up I love you and I want you to come home with me." I fell asleep with my head on her bed.




I can't see anything but blackness around me. I don't where I am. There is a light but I can't reach it no matter how hard I try I can't get there. I hear someone talking to me but I don't know who it is

"Stacey I don't know if you can hear me. But I really miss your beautiful smile and your laugh. Please wake up sweetheart. I miss you." Who was that? I can't remember anything. I hear it again. "Hey guys I am going to spend the night here if you don't mind." Who was that! I really can't remember anything.

I hear a different voice now. "Not at all mate. take care we will see you in the morning. Ok?" Who was that? Why can't I see anything only darkness? And only see a little bit of light that I cant get to? 

I hear the same voice I heard first. "Come on Stacey please wake up. I love you and I want you to come home with me." Why does he want me to come home with him? Do I love him back? I have to keep going for the light if I ever want to get back. Please reach for it reacchhhhh.....




We came back the next day and Harry was asleep on the chair with his head on Stacey's bed. That must be uncomftorable I guess I should wake him up. "Harry wake up." I just I startled him cause he jumped like 5 ft. "Harry you ok there?"

"Ya sorry I fell asleep. When did you guys get here?" Harry asked me it looked like he was crying last night. I was too so where the boys. It has been a very stressful week with Stacey getting taken and everything.

"We got here a few minutes ago mate." Niall said that with food in his mouth. Is that hospital food? That is disgusting. But funny I never thought I would meet someone who can take all that food down all at once. He had like 2 sandwiches in is mouth at once and drinking some water now. Wooow... 

I really like Niall and I think he likes me too. When we were leaving last night he held my hand and I cried into his chest I was so sad. I can't believe this happened to her. She didn't deserve it. No one here does. 




It has been a week since Stacey has been in a coma. I just wish she would wake up already. I miss her so much. I was holding her hand when I felt it squeeze mine. "Hey doc!!" I yelled I hope this means she is waking up now. "Doc she just squeezed my hand." Then her eye lids start to open. "Stacey oh my gosh Stacey!" 

"Um who are you?" Did she really just ask me who I was? Oh no I think she just lost her memory!

"I am boyfriend Stacey. Do you remember anything?" I was worried now.

"Sorry no. But who is Stacey?"

"Your Stacey." I was on the urge of crying.

"Oh.." Doctors and nurses came rushing over to her asking all these questions. 

"She is free to leave in a couple of hours and she has a temporary memory lose and if it doesn't come back in 3 days then she could loose it forever."




I finally reached the light and woke up. There where people in my room but I don't know who they are.  One guy with curly brown hair and green eyes I guess is my boyfriend. The doctors kept asking me all the questions like"who are you?" or "what year is it?" and all that. But I didn't know any of the answers except for one. Asking who they were. I knew they were doctors but I didn't know anything else.


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