I recently watched the movie Suckerpunch and I ABSOLUTELY loved it!! :D This is just a story I wrote which is loosely based on it. Thanks for reading :D


1. Everythings falling apart.

The girl moved towards the man stood at her door, her bleach blonde hair covering her tear stained face. She stands up quickly, racing into another room as the man slowly shakes his head, remorse in his eyes. She pulls at the white sheet on the table to reveal her dead mother. She hears her sister sobbing in the background and her step dad quietly laughing.She picks up her sister and runs through the halls, their stepdad running not far behind them. She gently shoves her sister in a closet and locks herself in her room. Suddenly, her sister screams and she panice. She kicks down the door and grabs the gun lying menacingly on the top. The blonde haired girl moves almost in slow motion towards the man, and she aims the gun at his face. At the moment she pulls the trigger, she slips and the bullet flies in the direction of the closet. She drops the gun and slides over to the closet, her face not showing any emotion. She kneels down and lets herself weep over her sister body, her pink pyjamas turning red.

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