Liam and Rae have been best friends for 15 years. But when Rae discovers herself, can her and Liam still be together? And will a new guy come between them?


2. Goodbyes

    Liam's POV-

       I've always known someday Rae would go somewhere big and glamorous. I knew she would move out of this little state of Ohio. There's practically no opportunities out here. Rising performers don't get their start out here; that's what big cities are for. New York City. Hollywood. Everyone knows that. Unfortunately, so did Rae.

      "I'm sorry. I'll miss you." Rae said to me the day of her departure. Her voice was cracking, and I could tell she was trying not to cry.

      "I'll miss you too. You have to call me at least once a month, okay?" I looked into her  mossy green eyes. I tried not to cry, but it was difficult. My attempt wasn't completely in vain- I only teared up a little. Her on the other hand, not so much. She was biting her lip to keep from balling. There was only a few tears running down her cheek. "No tears." I told her. "This is a big opportunity. No need for me to get in the way of you and your big dreams." Don't cry, don't cry I kept telling myself. It won't help her.

      "I-" She started, but was interrupted by the flight lady over the intercom.

      "Flight B12 to New York City, New York now boarding." The speakers screeched.

      "That's me.." She muttered. I could tell she was scared nearly to death.

      "Don't hide it." I said. "I can tell your afraid. You can talk to me." I told her slyly.

      "It's just... I'm afraid to be on my own in such a big town." A few more tears fell. I opened up my arms, and she fell in. I wrapped my arms around her into a hug.

      "You'll fit in perfectly! I know you. You're an independent, sensible woman." I looked down at her and smiled.

      She looked up at me and smiled back. "Liam, you always know the exact thing to say. But you're making me feel a little better, not at total ease." She said softly, getting almost to a whisper at the last part.

      "At least I'm helping." I answered, smiling. She started to cry, and hugged me again. I honestly had a few tears coming out of me at this point. "I'm so proud of you." I whispered. "You're so brave, being on your own and all." Suddenly, the speakers squeaked again.

      "Final call for flight B12 to New York City, final call." Boomed the voice. Rae pulled away, brushed off her shirt, and sighed.

      "That's me." She said, frowning.

      "Lighten up!" I joked. "Just think- you're about to go to New York city! The Big Apple! Aw, I'm so proud." I poked her and smiled. She smiled back, looking a little more exited.

      "I have to go. I'll call you once I land?"

      "Of course. I'll be waiting here, in boring Ohio." She giggled at that.

      "Goodbye." She said, smiling, standing in front of me with a look of hope. Her eyes sparkled from the tears. Her cheeks were red. She bit her lip again because she didn't want to cry. I didn't either. I cried a little, and I knew the tears would finally hit me once I got home. But I didn't want to think about that. Not now. I have to be strong. For Rae. For my best friend. She kissed me on the cheek, teared up, then turned away and ran for her flight.

      "I'll never forget you!" I yelled to her. She got to the gate, waited for the lady to check her ticket, then waved to me. She yelled something back, but I couldn't understand her. I just waved. I was heartbroken, watching her leave, but I had to be strong. Just for a few more moments until she didn't see me. So she knew she didn't have to be sad. I didn't want her to be sad. This was a happy moment for her, following her dreams and all. I didn't want her leaving to be a sad moment.


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