I will never love you

Lily is shocked to find the guy who ruined his sister's life is that one person she thought was her soul mate..Justin Beiber. I will never love you. For the Justin Beiber competition.


7. You

I ran to the nearest hospital, my wavy brown haired flying in the woman. When I reached the hospital, I opened the door and ran to the receptionist.

"Is Justin Beiber admitted here" I shouted, crying.

"He is, admitted for over pills with sleeping pills, but you can't go, only family" the receptionist explained. I lunged for her throat, my eyes blazing with anger.

"Tell me" I screamed.

"2nd floor, red room, first room to the left" the woman cried out in terror. I dropped my arm, then ran up stairs, praying not to be too late. I looked at the left, to see the red room and ran in, my heart pounding rapidly. I saw Justin mum, crying. I realised, because of me, she was crying. I walked to her, looking for Justin, then saw a sign board that  said Justin. I tried to look, but his mother blocked me.

"What have you done to my son? he did that because he loved you,  and you tell him to die, if anything happens to him I will kill you" Justin mum screams.

"I am so sorry, could I see him" I begged.

"Why?, because you want to kill him" Justin mum enquired angrily  I understood why she was angry? because of me her son was fighting for her death.

"Please" I cried out.

"Mum, let her come" I heard a voice ask. I pushed past her mum to see Justin, wired up. He looked at me then smiled.

"Lily, I love you, and sorry for all the problems I caused you" Justin whispered.

"No I'm sorry, Why did you do it?" I enquired.

"Because for my true love, I would do anything" Justin explained.

"I am so sorry Justin, I love you" I exclaimed hugging him.

"And I love you Lily" Justin replied kissing my hair

My love for you will always be there, and I have always loved you, till the very end.

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