I will never love you

Lily is shocked to find the guy who ruined his sister's life is that one person she thought was her soul mate..Justin Beiber. I will never love you. For the Justin Beiber competition.


3. You

I tucked a strand of my brown hair and walked into Kevin's shop. Mr.Patel the shop owner was standing at the counter, counting his money when he noticed me. He put the money back in his cash tin and smiled at me. Mr.Patel had the best music shop ever from Cheryl Cole to Michael Jackson, you could find anything in there and I knew he would have that one song that I wanted

"Lily, it's been a long time since I have seen you" Mr.Patel exclaimed. Mr.Patel wasn't just the shop owner he was my father's best friend. The father who left me and Tasha after Tasha was pregnant  Mr.Patel was like a father to me, he was a plump cheerful man with a black mustache. Mr. Patel was always cheerful, with a big grin on his face. Sometimes when I needed money. Mr. Patel would give me a few tenners, and smile kindly. I hated my father, he had left me and Tasha when she needed him the most, he was disgraced because of her, and wished she was not his daughter. Blaming it all on her. Why couldn't he see it was not her fault?

"I was busy looking after Tasha" I replied.

"How is she?" Mr.Patel asked.

"She's fine, I'm just looking for some songs" I mumbled walking to the counter. I looked past the counter right through to letter J. I scanned till I found Justin's new song "as long as you love me". I picked it up and hugged it tightly.

"Lily" a familiar voice shouted. I turned my head and froze, dropping the CD and gasped in shock when I saw who it was..Justin.

"You" I whispered slowly.

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