I will never love you

Lily is shocked to find the guy who ruined his sister's life is that one person she thought was her soul mate..Justin Beiber. I will never love you. For the Justin Beiber competition.


1. Never

I watch the TV intensively my eyes glued to the TV, I keep smiling until I hear what's on the tv next.

"We are going to show you the new song written by the amazing Justin Beiber  the presenter exclaimed. Suddenly Justin was on the TV, he was staring into the crowd with a loving glance.

"I'm going to sing as long as you love me for a special girl, this is for you Lily, I love you" Justin Beiber mumbled then he burst into song.

I threw the pillow at the TV angrily and started screaming. My 14 year old sister Tasha walked in. holding her son Jason. I looked at her, her blonde ringlets all dry and black dark circles under her eyes, it was all his fault he had made her like this. She used to be happy, crazy fan who loved him because of him her life had been ruined. I hated him, I wanted to strangle him, more than that I wanted to see how much pain it had been for her. My parents had left us after they found out Tasha was pregnant, I was the only one there for her.

"Lily, what's going on" Tasha asked.

"He's on TV singing a song for me" I shouted. I could see Tasha looking confused but I could see her look at me and from the tone of my voice understand who it was.

"Him" she whispered softly.

"He says he loves me" I yell frustrated.

"Do you love him" she asks looking at Jason.

"Never, I will never love you after what he did to you" I shout. She looks at me and bursts into crying that when I remember how much pain he had inflicted on her.

"I'm so sorry Tasha" I mumble running to her and embracing her. Her tears fall on my jumper, I look at her then at the Jason, his brown eyes curious and happy. She was in so much pain and it was all because of him, because of that one guy we both trusted and loved.


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