I will never love you

Lily is shocked to find the guy who ruined his sister's life is that one person she thought was her soul mate..Justin Beiber. I will never love you. For the Justin Beiber competition.


6. Love

I walk around the park, trying to clear my head. Suddenly my phone belted my ringtone, I checked the id, Justin it said. I breathed deeply and clicked answer.

"Lily, listen to me, the magazine was a fake" Justin exclaimed.

"How could you Justin, how could you, When I was just trusting you?" I cried out.

"What do you want me to do?" Justin asked.

"Go and Die" I shouted angrily, then shut my phone.

I looked at the bench to see two middle aged couples, a grey haired woman was hugging a white haired man. Their eyes were on one another never letting go. Suddenly the grey haired woman, walked to me.

"I heard what you said on the phone? If I were you, I would go to the nearest hospital" the grey haired woman began to say.

"What?Why?" I shouted.

"When your true love tells you to do something they will" the woman explained.

"Justin" I screamed.

Justin, I am so sorry

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