I will never love you

Lily is shocked to find the guy who ruined his sister's life is that one person she thought was her soul mate..Justin Beiber. I will never love you. For the Justin Beiber competition.


4. Cause

I stood there my mouth wide open, fear tearing my skin. I blinked making sure he was there. He was still there staring at me, shocked as I was. I turned around trying to forget he was there but I felt someone hold my wrist. I turned around to see he was standing right in front of me, his hand wrapped around my wrist. He was looking at me probably thinking this was a dream. I tried to shake his grasp but he held too tight.

"Lily" Justin mumbled. That was the first time I had heard his voice in ages and he was calling my name, it felt so good. No I thought, I could not allow him to make me feel like before.

"What" I remarked.

"Lily, I can't believe your here, I've been waiting for this moment to see you" Justin exclaimed.

"Let me go Justin" I shouted.

"Lily, I love you" Justin whispered.

"No, I don't love you" I lied unconvincingly.

"I don't believe that" Justin mumbled.

"I don't love you" I repeated looking away.

"Lily look at me, tell me that you don't love me, do that and I'll leave you alone" Justin murmured. I looked at his warm brown eyes staring into mine, his eyes so loving, so trusting so.

"No" I yelled.

"What you don't love you" Justin gasped.

"No, I'm afraid to trust you because I love you" I exclaimed tracing the outline of his name on my arm.

"Lily" Justin moaned as in pain.

"Please Justin don't, your hurting me" I cried running out, tears ran down my face. For the first time in my life I felt so much pain, I felt like there was a part of me that belonged to me and I wanted him. I loved him but I couldn't.

Why did life had to be so cruel?

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