Fall to your death...

This is the story of a Mcdonalds worker who ends up trapped under a rollercoaster with someone or something...


2. who?

Emma sat down, feeling lost upset and scared. As time went on Emma could hear footsteps, she froze still with fright. The moaning started again."Uuuuuuuugh!'' Emma wanted to scream but no words could come out.   She tried to run away that was when it hit her, there was no escape in sight. Giving up was not something to even think about, she desperately scraped on the rock and dirt like it was a life and death situation.                 (witch it was she just did not know it yet...) Having decided scraping at dirt was not going to help Emma remembered  her pen knife. She whipped it out of her pocket and started carving a small hole in the stones, rock and dirt. After one hour a gap was made just about the right size for a 15 year old to crawl through. As she was crawling through the miniature tunnel she could hear someone crawling after her... " "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!'' Emma screamed.                                                                                 "I hope you have enjoyed your life Emma brown.'' The voice said. "Because it's going to end soon!'' It said.   WHO  is behind the voice?


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