Fall to your death...

This is the story of a Mcdonalds worker who ends up trapped under a rollercoaster with someone or something...


1. How?

One mysterious day 15 year old Emma took a wrong turn at the end of the street, when she was on her way to Mcdonalds to work her morning shift. In a matter of minutes she ended up at the funfair as she got closer she reliased  it would take to long to get back to Mcdonalds so she might as well have some fun at the funfair. As she got in the line for the hurly wurly rollercoaster she noticed a small gap between the ground and the rollercoaster control box. Emma moved out of  the line to take a closer look as she did she tripped over a pen someone had dropped. "AAAAAAAARGH!'' Emma screamed as she fell head over heals into the gap under the rollercoaster!  THUD!  "ouch that really hurt.'' Emma moaned. Suddenly a huge booming moaning sound filled the air   ''Oh help! thought Emma! "Uuuuuuuuuuuugh!'' boomed the sound. Emma could here a dripping sound, was it blood? Or just a leaking pipe? Emma could feel heavy breathing, was it someone or something? Or was she just imagining it? Then out of the corner of her eye Emma saw a small tunnel. Sadly it was too small HOW could she get out?

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