A Not-So Cinderella Story

When I felt like I was being swept off my feet in a Cinderella story, someone had to be there to drop me, right?
Let's backtrack a little.
Cher Topman. A simple name for a complex girl like me. I'm an orphan at a little orphanage in London, but don't be fooled. Just because it's in London doesn't mean that it's extravagant.
When a rich American single woman makes the fatal decision to adopt me and take me back to America, my life is turned upside down by some people I never thought I'd meet.


2. What you've missed out on.

"I promise I'll explain everything on the flight. We'll have plenty of time to do that, it's a 7 hour flight," Haylee says.

"That's alright. I like to keep busy," I say as we check in our bags. I can tell she's stressing out. 

We walk over to the place where we get on the flight. I wouldn't know what it's called, I've never been to an airport. They escort us into our first class seats. As we sit, Haylee exhales.

"It's a relief to finally be on this flight. I thought we'd miss it," she says, grabbing a water bottle from the cooler.

"This is all so extravagant. I've never been to anything like this before," I blurt out awkwardly. She smiles sweetly at me.

"Sweetheart, you are hot. Let me tell you that. Your accent, your hair, your perfect body, your gorgeous face... you won't need much of a Cinderella transformation. All you need is some new clothes and you'll be fine," she says to me.

"That's sweet, but you're... wow. Gorgeous is an understatement," I tell her.

"I do it for a living," she shrugs and smiles.

"So you're a supermodel?" I gasp.

"Model is fine. But yes, I do Gucci, Burberry, Micheal Kors, Lord and Taylor, you name it, I've done it. But don't think for a second that I'm bragging. I want to hear all about you," she says so sweetly, I believe her in a second.

"Not much to tell. I've only read the books I've gotten for school, I've never owned a magazine in my life, this is the cutest top I have, and I've never heard music that isn't classical," I say.

"That is all about to change. Oh! There's just so much to catch you up on! I guess I'll start on media. Music wise, you seem like a pop kind of girl, like me. You remind me so much of Cher Lloyd, it scares me. There's also Justin Bieber, One Direction, Olly Murs, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, and so much more, it would take years to name all artists in this world. My favorite just happens to be Justin Bieber. I have an adult crush on him," she laughs.

"What's so great about Justin Bieber?" I ask.

"You'll get to know a lot about him before you meet him," she says.

"Meet him?" I gulp.

"Of course. It won't be planned, but we'll probably run into him at a red carpet premiere," she shrugs.

"Red carpet premiere?" I repeat.

"Of course. I get to go to a couple a month and now you'll get to come with me!!!" she squeals.

"I'm not ready for a red carpet premiere!" I say with wide insecure eyes.

"You will be. Don't worry. I'll never let you go to a red carpet premier unprepared. But let's save that for later. I think you should know a bit about your new mom. Well, guardian. I could be your sister, age wise.  I live in New York and I already told you my job. A lot of people know who I am because of my father. He was a big time music producer. But he passed away a couple years ago from cancer. I haven't had a boyfriend since then. It was really hard for me to be in a big house, all alone, so I decided to try adoption. I've been going through orphanages, but I haven't found a girl who stood out as much as you. I've always wanted a girl to spoil," she smiles. I smile of anticipation.

"What about the simple things? What's your favorite thing to do?" I ask her.

"I'm really a kid at heart at all times. I love to shop, watch movies, eat crappy junk food, gossip, be weird, and play music. I'm kind of a complicated person though. I would never describe myself as serious but I know when it's appropriate to be," she says.

"You play music?" I ask her.

"Yeah, my dad taught me guitar when I was 12, and I've been playing ever since," 

"I can't wait to hear you play! What about your favorite song?" I ask her.

"As Long as you Love me by Justin Bieber," she smiles.

"Again with the ever famous Justin Bieber," I fake groan and she laughs.

"You know, you're a lot less shy than I thought you'd be. I expected you to be distant at first, which makes this so much better!"

We talk about our likes and she shares a bunch of funny model stories and we're laughing basically the whole time. 

"Home sweet home!" she sings as we leave the airplane.

"Hey look! There's our bags!!!" I say as we walk up to the baggage check. We grab them and get out of that airport as soon as we can. As we're walking out, I see a limo parked in the front.

"Who do you think that limo is for?" I ask her in awe.

"It's for us, silly!" she laughs and hands our bags to the butler standing in front of it. He opens the door for us and I jump in. Once the door is closed, I start giggling for no reason.

"Why are you laughing?" Haylee laughs.

"I don't know! I've never done anything like this before!" I smile.

"Jason! Take us to the mall! We have lots of shopping to do!" she yells to the driver and we're off.


"What shoe size are you?" Haylee asks me as we walk into the shoe store.

"8," I tell her. 

"Let's figure out your favorite style of shoe," she says and starts telling me about each brand in the shoe store that she likes. I decide I'm in love with Hunter Boots, Toms, Vans, and Sperry's as a brand. I also fell in love with 2 kinds of riding boots and a ton of heels from different brands.  Haylee waves a salesperson over and tells her to bring out every color of the shoes that I picked out. EVERY COLOR. After 45 minutes of paying and checking our stockpile, we bring the shoes back into the limo and then head back into the mall. 

"Shoes, done! Next stop is bottoms!" she says and brings me into her favorite store for pants, skirts, and jeans. We try on stuff for an hour until we decide we have the stuff that I want.This time, we only left with one bag that was full of stuff.

"Bottoms, done! Next stop is shirts!" she says and drags me into Abercrombie, then into Hollister, then into Aeropostale, then to Dillards, and a couple other stores I don't remember the names to. The whole time, we were laughing and joking around. This is the best day of my life.

"Shirts, done! Next stop, jackets!" she says and we go into a couple other stores to find trench coats and cute jackets and sweatshirts.

"Jackets, done! Next stop, makeup!" she beams as we run into Sephora, our arms being weighed down by our 3rd load of bags.

"I think you look best in dark tones such as brown, charcoal, black, purple, deep oranges, and darker colors like that. We need to get you everything!" she says as we raid the isles for foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, perfume, lipgloss, lipstick, nailpolish, AHHH! There's so many things to remember! I'm way overwhelmed right now.

After a swipe of her credit card and a man handing us- yet another- load of 3 bags. We make a stop at the limo and head back into the mall for one last time.

"Now, the last stop on our journey is the most important. It's time to find dresses!!!!" she exclaims. We check out a bunch of stores and find at least one perfect dress in every one. Some of them definetly for red carpet only, and some for days like this. I would describe them to you, but I think it would be best if I didn't until I wear them on the red carpet or the day of, to give you more of a visual.

"Are we done with dresses?" I ask her.

"Oh, not yet. I have you scheduled to meet someone great," she says.

"And who would that be?" I ask her.

"Christopher Palu. He was on the TV series Project Runway, but sadly he was robbed of the title by the evil Dmitry. Anyways, he would love to become your personal designer. Designing anything for you, whenever you want!" she exclaims.

"NO WAY! I think this is a dream. Do you have a personal designer?" I ask her.

"Marc Jacobs is mine. Ralph Lauren also requested for both of us to sport his designs, so I guess he comes second for both of us. Christopher definetly isn't as famous as Marc or Ralph, but he definetly will be. I love every single one of his designs," she sighs.

"When are we meeting him?" I ask her. She checks her watch.

"Now! We better get moving!" she says and we slip back into the sleek black limo. She yells where we need to go to the driver and he gets moving.

"You know what this reminds me of?" she asks me.

"What?" I say.

"Annie. Have you ever heard of that movie? I'm the creepy bald guy, and you're Annie," she laughs.

"Ugh, we watched that in school. She is so annoying. How about we go back to Cinderella," I suggest.

"I like your style," she laughs.


*Author's note: Sorry, that was a long one!! Please give me feedback! I promise I'll get into the Justin Bieber stuff soon enough. I love to hear your guys' critiques and what you liked. Also, if you've read any of the other Justin Bieber fan fiction competitor's entries, I'd love to hear the comparisons. DON'T BE A GHOSTIE READER!!!

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