A Not-So Cinderella Story

When I felt like I was being swept off my feet in a Cinderella story, someone had to be there to drop me, right?
Let's backtrack a little.
Cher Topman. A simple name for a complex girl like me. I'm an orphan at a little orphanage in London, but don't be fooled. Just because it's in London doesn't mean that it's extravagant.
When a rich American single woman makes the fatal decision to adopt me and take me back to America, my life is turned upside down by some people I never thought I'd meet.


6. The Perks of Being a Model's Daughter.

"Are you ready to get dressed?" Chris asks me.

"Yes," I nod nervously and stand before the covered mannequin. 

"Cher, you have nothing to worry about. You aced your test, got your diploma, organized this whole monster closet, plus you are insanely sexy with and without that makeup," he smiles.

"Thanks Chris," I laugh as he pulls off the cover. I gasp. 

"What do you think?" he beams.

"Oh my gosh," is all I can say. 

"The theme I picked is midnight enchantress. The purple and dark blue accents are wonders with your skin tone," he explains.

I can hardly describe this dress, but I'll try. 

It's tight and dark purple on the bodice, but after that, it flows from a dark purple to a white in a sort of ombre way, with sparkles. 

That was a lame description, but I tried. Either way it's the prettiest thing I've ever seen. 

"Come on! Put it on!" he urges as he hands me the dress. I slip it on and it fits like a glove. Christopher throws my hair in an adorable messy bun, but by the way he did it, it looks professional. After the finishing touch on my makeup and accessories, (a diamond collar necklace from Tiffany's, a dark purple clutch, and chrome colored heels! Ahh!) I'm finally ready. I step out of my room to see Haylee in a black gown that looks so gorgeous. We are definetly red carpet ready. 

"Cher, you look gorgeous," Haylee says and covers her mouth with her hands. 

"You look stunning," I tell her. 

"Girls, you both look amazing. Now remember, tell everyone you can you are wearing an original Christopher Palu, alright?" he says and we both giggle and nod. We go down in the elevator and into the limo. As I'm sitting down, I'm hyperventilating. 

"Don't worry! You're ready," Haylee smiles. I reach into my clutch and put on a coat of lipgloss. 

Too soon, we pull up to the event. The door is opened for us and Haylee leads me out and into a madness of flashing lights and paparazzi. But I was prepared for this. I plaster on my megawatt smile I've been working on and  pose next to Haylee. 

After about a minute of posing and turning like I practiced, I start talking to Haylee.

"What are we even here for?" I ask her. 

"Don't you know? Justin is launching his new fragrance called "Girlfriend," we should go say hi!" she says.

"Which one is he?" I ask her and she cranes he neck and points once she sees him. 


That's the guy I ran into who did not pass the guy test. 

"That's Justin?" I ask her and she nods and wiggles her eyebrows. I haven't told her about the run in yet.

She starts walking over to him, so I have no choice but to walk with her. Justin is over talking to a bunch of girls, but when he sees Haylee, he leaves them and starts walking over to us. Once he sees me, his face goes into the full fledge, mind blown face. It was actually kind of funny. 

"Hey Justin!" Haylee says.

"Why hello Haylee. Who might this hottie be next to you?" he asks her and I roll my eyes. He just wants to know my name.

"I just adopted her! Her name is-" she starts but I cut her off.

"Off limits until you earn it," I remind him and Haylee looks at me confused.

"You know, I think you have something of mine," I tell him.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," he says trying not to smile, but fails.

"I need my notebook back," I remind him with a laugh. Haylee puts her hands up and walks away, sensing we already know each other.

"And I need mine back. How about we make the switch over dinner?" he asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Hmm.. I don't know," I laugh.

"Come on, you want your notebook back, right?" he asks.

"Of course. And you want yours back," I tell him.

"Exactly, and not giving it back to you, unless it's over a date," he says.

"Fine! I give up! You win!" I laugh.

"Legit. You have a phone?" he asks and puts his hands out. I pull my Iphone out of my clutch and put it in his hand. He presses some buttons and puts his number in. He hands me my phone back and his own to put my number in. I press the now familiar buttons and put my contact in. He finally gets my name. I enter it and hand it back to him. He reads it and smiles.

"Cher. That's sexy," he laughs.

"You know, only designers can call girls sexy or hot. Other than that it's plain rude," I tell him with raised eyebrows. He seems stunned. I guess nobody has ever said anything like that to him.

"I'm just saying that you need to work on your lady skills," I tell him.

"I will," he says with an actual smile, not his swag smile. It's a step.

"Good," I laugh.

"I'm sure we'll bump into each other again tonight, but if we don't, see you Tuesday," he winks and walks away. I look down at my phone to see that Justin put his name in my phone as "Justin is the sexiest man alive". I can't help but laugh. He's going to need a lot of work. I walk back to Haylee and she has wide eyes. 

"What the heck was that?" she laughs and I tell her about when Justin ran into me and took my notebook by accident and she just laughs. 

"Typical," she laughs.

"How about we introduce you to more people?" she asks me and I nod. She takes me over to 5 boys who seem promising.

"Hey guys! I have someone for you to meet!" Haylee yells to them and they run towards us.

"I'm Louis!" one says enthusiastically.

"I'm Liam," one says rolling his eyes at Louis.

"I'm Niall," the blonde one smiles.

"I'm Zayn," one says.

"And I'm Harry," the last one says. The all have accents, like me.

"I'm Cher," I laugh.

"Ooh! A fellow British! Can we show you around?" Louis says and grabs my arm. I nod and Haylee says goodbye.

"So, I've never seen you at these things before," Niall says.

"Haylee just adopted me from England," I say.

"What part?" Zayn asks.

"Doncaster," I answer and Louis cheers. 

"That's where I'm from!" Louis tells me and I laugh and his excitement.

"We definetly have to introduce you to... well... everyone," Harry says.

"But first, hand me your phone," Liam says and I hand it over. He punches his number in and passes the phone through the group. 

"You definetly need more numbers," Louis laughs and hands it back to me.

"I just got it! No judging!" I laugh. 

"Well, I say we introduce you to.. Cher," Harry says and grabs my arm, dragging me to the girl with the same name as me.

"Cher!! This is Cher!" Louis says.

"Nice name," she laughs.

"You too," I smile.

"Wait, you're Haylee's new kid right?" she asks and I nod.

"This is a big change from a tiny orphanage," I smile.

"I'll bet! We should definetly hang out sometime! You seem awesome! And of course, you look amazing! Who are you wearing?" she asks.

"An original Christopher Palu. He's awesome, you should check him out for sure," I say just like Christopher told me.

"I think I might. I'm in love with your dress," she says.

"And I'm in love with yours!" I exclaim at her metallic bow dress. 

"Thank you! Here, put in yours," she says handing me her phone as I hand her mine. I put my name in and hand it back to her. 

"I'm sure I'll see you later, but these boys look  like puppies. They want to take you to meet everyone, don't they?" she laughs.

"Of course," I roll my eyes and wave to the boys who are watching us intently. 

"Well, it was great to meet you! I'll text you!" she says and we say our goodbyes.

"Wow, you're good at making friends," Liam observes.

"You already have 7 new numbers and it's been 30 minutes. Let's keep going!" Louis says. He takes me to meet everyone who is anyone. I meet Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Selena Gomez, Cece Frey, District 3, and so much more, and I got every single one of their numbers. The perks of being a model's daughter.

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