A Not-So Cinderella Story

When I felt like I was being swept off my feet in a Cinderella story, someone had to be there to drop me, right?
Let's backtrack a little.
Cher Topman. A simple name for a complex girl like me. I'm an orphan at a little orphanage in London, but don't be fooled. Just because it's in London doesn't mean that it's extravagant.
When a rich American single woman makes the fatal decision to adopt me and take me back to America, my life is turned upside down by some people I never thought I'd meet.


4. Home sweet home.

What. Is. Happening.

"What is this?" I gasp, laugh, smile, at the same time. Awkward combination. She sets down the food and pulls something out of her purse. It's a little box. She opens it and hands me a needle. She grabs a needle for herself and pulls out her phone. She plugs it into the iPhone jack in the wall and turns on some upbeat music.

"Begin," she says. We both split and start popping the balloons like crazy. I can't stop laughing. My cheeks hurt. After 25 minutes, we clear out what must  be the living room. The floor is covered with popped balloons, but I can still tell this is the coolest living room I've ever seen. The color theme for the room is black, white, and red. There's a giant white couch with red blankets and black pillows, a sleek black flat screen mounted on the wall, a chair that hangs from the ceiling, also red, and more that I couldn't even think to describe. I look to the corner of the room to see a treehouse. I'm not kidding. A real TREEHOUSE. Inside my house.

"Let's keep going!" I yell and we both run into what I think it the kitchen and start poking around like crazy. After 20 minutes, we clear the kitchen. The kitchen is so big and open. The color theme for the kitchen is black, white, and chrome. It looks so sweet.

"Come on! We have so much more to do!" she screams and pushes me into another room. We pop for about  30 minutes this time and I see a music studio in front of me. There's a sound booth, and inside it is a ton of different guitars and drums and things like that. 

"You have a recording studio in your house?" I ask.

"Correction. We have a recording studio in our house," she beams. My jaw drops.

"Come on!" she says and drags me into another room. We pop balloons until they're gone in that room and I see that It's a movie room. This room is all black, of course, except for the back.There is a line of leather recliners in the back of the room and a sea of beanbags in front of that. Then, there's a huge TV. In the back of the room is a candy/soda/popcorn bar that lights up just like a movie theater one.

"I'll explain the rooms and stuff like that after we finish!" she says and pushes me into another room. We go from room to room to room until we stop at my room. I'll save that one for last. Haylee's room is all pink, white, and silver. Her closet is as big as the orphanage back home all together, and it has a runway in it. I can't even describe how awesome it is. It's just... wow. There were a couple unimportant guest rooms, a big library, A SLEEPOVER ROOM, and things like that, but the important part was my room.

"Are you ready for this?" she asks.

"Yes," I say and take a deep breath. She opens the door and we start popping. Once the balloons are all gone, I step back and gasp. The color theme for this room is purple, silver, and white. My bed is indented in the ground, like a ground trampoline, and it's a circle instead of a rectangle. And don't forget it's ginormous  The sheets are a deep purple and the bed is decorated with pillows. There's a large flat screen mounted on the wall at the foot of my bed. There's a white circle desk in the corner with an Apple computer on it, as well as empty notebooks and pencils that I have yet to fill. There was a bunch of white square box shelves that line the left wall full of CDs and movies. The walls are all deep purple. There's a white fur beanbag with an acoustic guitar set on it. The carpet is a matching white fur that is unbelievably soft. Left of the beanbag is a huge speaker set, that looks like a vintage boombox, built into the walls. On the floor next to it is a bar of headphones and a little white box. I'll look at that later. Then, I  look up to see my amazing ceiling. It's painted purple, pink, and black to look like a space galaxy, and it's absolutely hypnotizing. It also lights up, which adds to the fun. 

I am speechless. I look over to the right of the room and see what must be my closet. It looks sort of small from here. Well not small, but compared to Haylee's closet, it's nothing. 

The doors are sliding mirror doors. I slide it open to see it open into another room.

No way.

Oh my gosh.

I walk through the doors to see my two story closet. I guess it's the only room without balloons in it. The bottom floor has racks for clothes around the edges of the square room, and there's a spiral staircase going up to the top floor. The base of the staircase is made up of white drawers. I slowly walk up the stairs, carefully holding the railing just in case I faint. Once I see the top, I almost do faint. The left wall has a row of mannequins. The wall next to that is a mixture of box shelves and drawers. I open the drawers to see it's fully stocked. The box shelves have designer handbags and other accessories like that. When I look down to the drawer I opened, I see a little string that has a note next to it that says, pull me. So I do, of course and up comes a little circle spinning thing where I can hang necklaces. I giggle, close it, and close the drawer. I move on to the next wall, which has a white mini runway, lit up with the same lights I saw at Radio City when we walked past it. At the end of the runway is a plush white couch. I run my hand across the silky fabric, just to make sure it's real. It is. 

I move on to the last wall, and I cannot believe my eyes. There is a huge vanity, also lit up, for me to do my makeup. There are shelves off to the left and right of it, for all kinds of makeup, and it looks sort of like the shelf set up in Sephora, just with no makeup on it yet. I notice another door at the end of the shelves. I walk over to it and open it slowly to find my bathroom.

This color scheme is hot pink and black. There are two large oval mirrors and a bunch of cabinets. There's a large hot pink bathtub that lights up in the corner of the room, just like how Haylee's turquoise bathtub does. There's a TV hanging at the foot of the bathtub, so I can watch TV while taking a bath. Next to the bathtub is a shower with pink and black tiles. I can see that the water comes straight from the top of the shower, like rain does.

"You've seen everything now. What do you think?" she says with the biggest smile I've ever seen.

"I need to sit down," I whisper with wide eyes. She laughs and guides me back into my room. There's a woman waiting for us with our dinner that we forgot. It was steaming, so I assume she heated it back up.

"Thank you so much Darla," Haylee says taking her plate.

"I'm the maid, Darla. Whenever you need anything, give me a shout," she smiles sweetly, handing me my plate and walking away. Haylee and I collapse on my bed and start eating.

"I guess I have a lot to explain huh?" Haylee laughs and I nod.

"Well, I'll explain where things are stored in your closet tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll give you another tour of the house, but I'll actually explain how to use things then. Also, tomorrow we have to organize your closet how you like it, study for your final, and finish session 2 of princess training. Thursday you'll take your test first thing, and then go site seeing. Then the premier is on Saturday, so we have a busy next couple days. Next thing. You probably noticed that I have a sound booth. I'm not just a model. I'm actually a model and a singer. I have only released one album, but it's getting so many good responses, I'm working on more. Next thing. I told you that I kind of found you spontaneously, which isn't true one bit. I contacted Sarah months ago and held you so nobody else would adopt you. I couldn't get you until today, so I asked her what you liked to do, eat, your favorite color, and things like that. That's how I knew your favorite color is purple. Also, you may have noticed all of the materials in here. Sarah said that she didn't have enough money to expose you to all the talents you could develop, so I'm here to help you develop those talents. I got you a totally cool vintage camera for photography, sketch pads and art utensils for art, musical instruments for music, and things like that. I already know that you're good at poetry, so I got some notebooks for you to use, and so on," she explains.

"Next thing. Could you hand me that white box over there?" she asks and points to the white box I pointed out earlier. I walk over to it, pick it up, and hand it to her. 

"Do you know what this is?" she asks me. I shake my head.

"This is an IPhone 5. You're going to need a phone for all the hot guys who will want your number. I already loaded all of the cool music I have. If you get interested in a certain genre, then you can buy more music if I have it. These are just songs that you have to know these days. I also loaded the songs into your computer, so you can listen to is either way. I'll show you how to use that big boombox tomorrow. What do you think?" she beams.

"There isn't words to describe how awesome this is. I've been from crappy to luxuriousness in a day. It's a bit overwhelming, but I'll get used to it soon," I say.

"How about you get into your pajamas? I can show you where they are," she offers.

"That's alright. I want to explore the closet a bit  more. I'll come across them sometime. But after that I'm probably going to crash, so see you in the morning," I say and hug her.

"See you in the morning Cher," she smiles and leaves the room, taking the plates. I wander into the closet and explore for a while, seeing what accessories there are and what I have to work with. I come across a pair of pajamas in one of my drawers. I guess pajamas were the only thing she wanted to stock for me, so we could have more time to shop the other stuff. I slip them on and go back into my room, seeing that the popped balloons are gone. Man, Darla is fast. 

I glide into the covers and stare at the now dark ceiling. It really is a beautiful mural. After another hour of thinking, I drift to sleep, getting lost in the swirls of the ceiling.

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