Time To Grow

18 year old Amelia and bestfriend Lois are leaving the comfort of their childhood homes in Belfast and heading to their ideal University in London. What they don't know is that things are about to change.....


2. Settling in...

*A/N; Italics = characters' thoughts

Sitting in the lecture theatre, I looked around me at all the faces I would soon be going to classes with. Lois was already sitting with her iphone on her lap texting. Typical.  Instead of listening to the number of boring indviduals speaking at the front of the hall, I started to analyse people. I suppose she looks like a nice person....... maybe we can be friends. I wonder who my roomies will be, hopefully somebody social :/ . After 3 hours of daydreaming and trying not to fall asleep, we were finally released to do whatever we wanted. Lois and I headed back to our rooms to get everything unpacked.

Opening the door, we saw two girls sitting on two of the beds. One had long, curly red hair with a small cluster of freckles across her perfectly sculpted nose whereas, the other girl had short, brown hair with a nice welcoming smile. The red haired girl jumped up off her bed enthusiastically and introduced herself. "Hi guys, My name is Chloe welocome to our humble abode."She reached her hand out for us to shake, I let out a chuckle and placed my hand in hers. "Nice to meet you, I'm Amelia and this is Lois my best friend." As I finished my sentence I flicked Lois -who was still engrossed in her iphone- up the back of her head. Lois let out a shriek and looked towards me with a scowl, I smirked in amusement at her shocked reaction and walked towards the other girl to introduce myself.

The second girl smiled and stood up, "Hey, I'm Rebecca, nice to meet you." I shook the girl's hand and looked to Lois, who was mid conversation with Chloe. "You too, my name is Amelia and that right over there is Lois." Lois and Rebecca intoduced themselves to one another and we all sat around the dorm room talking as if we had known eachother our whole lives. During our conversation I found out that Chloe was from Bournemouth and Rebecca was from Hammersmith. Chloe and Rebecca turned out to be two of the most hilarious girls I have ever met and reminded me of my friends back at home.

Rebecca and Chloe decided to head out to the supermarket down the road to get some food for our dorm whilst Lois and I unpacked our bags. During our unpacking session, Lois and I decided that during the week we should really go out and buy some decorations for our room to make it more homely rather than have a plain white room . The room was quite big, with a bathroom, four spaced out beds, an individual wardrobe for each of us girls and a standard kitchenette.

By the time we had finished packing, Chloe and Rebecca stumbled into the room with arms full of bags from Tesco. Lois and I both burst out laughing at the site of the two struggling with the bags into the kitchenette. The two girl dropped the bags on the floor and flopped down onto their own beds gasping from the weight of the bags. I managed to control my laughter, "You girls alright? What on earth did you buy that weighed so much to get you into a state like that?" Rebecca regained her breath and propped herself up on her right elbow, "We didn't  realise how far down the road Tesco actually was and by the time we got halfway back here, we were like this." We all helped to put the food away and Chloe took control and made us all some lunch.


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