Time To Grow

18 year old Amelia and bestfriend Lois are leaving the comfort of their childhood homes in Belfast and heading to their ideal University in London. What they don't know is that things are about to change.....


1. Let's go...

Well, this was it I thought, tossing my final pair of shoes into my suitcase. Today was the day I’d be leaving for University.  Dragging my bags down the stairs, I heard chatter in the kitchen and the smell of pancakes being cooked in the kitchen, oh gosh, I loved homemade pancakes.

“Hey, love” my mum said as I walked into the sweet smelling kitchen. I sat down to a plate piled high with breakfast. I was filled with emotions right now, sickness, at the fact I was leaving the safety of the home I was brought up in, and excitement, at the fact, I was leaving, to start my new life, make new friends and make my own decisions.

There was a knock at the door “I’ll get it” I called, it was my best friend, Lois, we had known each other since I was potty trained and had been through a lot. Luckily, I wasn’t leaving on my own. Lois, got into Oxford too.  I grabbed a plate for her and dug in. Looking up at the clock, it was 8am, the taxi was late, if we didn’t leave soon, we’d both miss our flight. Finally, I heard the black cab pull up outside the house. I gave my parents and brother a long hug and told them I’d text them as soon as we arrived. Jumping into the taxi, my best friend smiled at me, we were actually doing this.

Arriving at Belfast International airport, we sprinted to the check-in desk, 10 minutes till closing… We just made it. We boarded the plane and found our seats- 27a and 27b. After the air stewards went through the usual safety procedures that no one ever listened to, we started the climb into the clouds. I hated the initial incline, always felt so sick.

After an hour, we arrived in Heathrow airport, everyone was rushing around, trying to get to their terminals. Finally, we jumped into another taxi after grabbing our luggage and headed to the train station and jumped onto the 10am train, heading to Oxford. After arriving at what would be home… and school for the next 3 years. I just wanted to climb into bed and sleep. But, for now, that would be impossible as it was time to go for a meeting with our tutors.

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