The X factor

Another love story


5. Why I don't believe in you?


I went to my room but what Niall said was on my mind.

Does George was only using me and why is niall being like this to me?

I had the head turns. I went to the pc when I heard something hitting on the window of my room. It was George.

-Come here - George said.

-I don’t know - I said.

-Come on- he insisted.

-What for?- I asked.

-What going on with you, I just want to wanna walk with you. - He said.

-Ok. I'll be right down. -I answer

I told Harry that I was going out, because he was very protective of me.

I went to see George and walked without knowing where to go.

I didn’t  brought my cout, but George was so nice, because he gave me his jacket.

-Why did you ask me to come were?

- Do you believe in love at the first time.

-It depends.

-It depends on what?

-It depends on knowing if that person loves me or not.


-Why did you want to know?

-Because I think that I’m in love with a girl that sings like me.

-Lucky girl.

* We stop and he lifts my face and kiss me *

-What if that girl was you?

-George I've suffered enough because of love , please don’t.

-Why not?

-Because I am afraid of geting hurt again.

-I am not like my bandmates, I’m don’t have courage to hurt someone.

-I don’t know.

-You know me since auditions.

- Yes, and we're friends and everything, but I do not know.

* George turned to kiss me but his band mates appear with some competitors *

- Oh, little George caught another on his net.- Josh said

-She is not another girl.

-No, is really another girl and an ulgy one.

- Josh, less very less, I already told you that she isn’t another girl.

-No, ha! She is the cover girl, of the girls, you said you hated because she call you a replica of Harry.

-That is not true.

-Enough, you two, you are worse than your band mates, I hate you George.

I left there running and crying and shocked with Niall

-What's up? Why are you crying?


*Niall hugged me*

-Calm, I'm here.

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