The X factor

Another love story


8. we need to talk

-Calm down sweet-George said

-What you want leave me alone, is ask for too much??-i said.

-I love you- he said.

-what? You make me feel the wors person on eart and now you tell me you love me!!!!

-Gabriela please, what happen yesturday is not my faul....

-No you're righ is mine for trust in you.

-Please give me a chance.

-A chance for what, Ella isn't enough for you, like Josh said i'm just another one , another one and ugly.

I prepare myself to go away, the rain does't stop and George hold my harm, pull me and give me a kiss, i don't know why but that kiss was diferent from Niall's kiss, i fell a lot of butterflys inside of me.

-Why you kiss me George???

-Shut up and let me speak ok!! Yesturday Josh was drunk, i love you, i don't have anything with Ella, i know you love Niall too, but we can less try??? My life story is exactly lke yourse and you know that, we both have a broken heart but we can fix hi together. Now you can speak.

-You don't have nothing with Ella.... I'm hurt you have to give me some time, ok...

-Thats a No?

-No, that one lets try because i love you and its raining.

George give me his jaket and we go together in the rain for the X Factor house, Niall and the boys, was worried about me.

-Where have you been?- Niall asked.

-I go to speak with George.- i said.

-you are ok babe?-Sarah and Zayn asked toether.

-We have to stop to do this- Zayn said to Sarah.

-You need to sleep Gabriela. go on- Liam said.

I go to my room and Niall came after me. I don't know, i have to try with George je looks a nice guy and i love him, but Niall...

-We have to talk-Niall said.

-No, i gonna try a reation ship with George...

-You gonna do What??

-Niall... i love him like i love you. Sorry -i said

-I'll be here wayting for you, never forget that, i'll always protect you.

-I know and thaks for that.

I kiss his chek and i go to sleep

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