The X factor

Another love story


2. The mentors


On the second phase the judges decided to join us in a band, this band was composed by me, Sara and Susana my BFFs. We couldn’t find a name for the band but we still have a lot of time to think about that. Meanwhile the mentors (Tulisa, Simon and Louis) said to us that we would have a surprise mentor that had already participated on x factor.


We were very excited to know who were the mentors, when they said that the surprise mentors where one direction we were very happy.

The names were randomly selected, to see who where the mentors. Although the fact that I love one direction I really wanted Tulisa to be our mentor. We had a chance to speak to the boys in private, Sara was stunned.

She love's Zayn is like,i dont know he mahe her happy.

We found a name, a perfect name " The Cover Girls"

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