The X factor

Another love story


4. Little things


- Nedd to speak with you.

- Did i do something wrong?

-No, but, i have an advice for you.

-What? Why?

- Don´t fall in love, because love is worst that lose this competition.

- Why? What?!

- I fall in love when i came to this competition and that broke my heart, and after that moment i thought that "i would never sing again

-  wooow, take it easy. Don't worry about that, because my heart is already broken and i don't have a problem if i fall in love again. My heart can be fixed or broken again.

-        Niall can i make you a question?

-        Yes!

-        Why are you doing this to me?

-        This what?

-        Treat me like I’ am your younger sister, as you were afraid that I suffer.

-        I don’t know , the only think that I know , is that the first day that I saw you I knew that you needed someone to protect you.

-        But, what about George and union j?

-        I know that when a boy is only getting closer to a girl to take advantage of her.

-        You think that George is doing that to me?

-        In this competition is all or nothing, they are ambitious and they not going to measure means to win this. I think you and the cover girls have a lot of chances to make it to the final.

-        George don’t seem like that kind of guy, but who knows?

-        The looks are deceiving.

-        Thanks for the warning.

-        Remember that even if you and George get involved and he makes you fall I will be ir to make you raise again.

I went to my room, and I couldn’t understand why niall was so worried about me, it was very strange, have someone worried about me.

I’m pretty nervous about the video diaries, the 1º and 2º were very funny, me, Sara and Susana looked like 1D in their video diaries, and yes we make our first video diaries were together because we knew each other and it was more easy to do it with friends.

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