The X factor

Another love story


6. little peace

-Why are you crying?-Asked Niall

-Nothing, please, i just want you to hug me!

-If it wasn't nothing, you wouldn't be like that and Harry said that you and George went out. Please tell me if was him that put you like that!

-Please don't say is name in front of me- i said pushing Niall away from me.

I didn't saw, but George came after me running, and when we saw me crying in front of Niall he realize that he had screw up and he came to talk with me.

-Gabriella, we need to talk- George said to me.

-Please, go away, i don't wan't to talk with you- i said.

-What is goin on here? Why are you fighting? What did you do to her, George?- Niall asked.

He was about to answer, when suddendly Simon apeared.

-I'm glad that you are all together, because i have something to say to you. I thing is better go in.- Simon said.

We went inside and Sarah and Su were already there watching tv with the rest of the boys.

-Well, to know on One Direction will be reponsable about the groups in X Factor- Simon said.

-What?- Louis asked.

-All of the contestants that are in a band are now our responsability, you are now there mentors-Simon said.

-What?- I asked.

-What ??- George asked at the same time.

-No- Niall said

-Yes, and there is no discussion. UnionJ and District 3 and the other groups are moving and they will start living here and the show only start in 2 weeks, because of this changes.-Simon said.

-No, Sion- i said.

-Yes.-Simon started.

-Ok, thank you- i said.

-We need to talk- George said to me.

-No you already said enough, now leave me alone.-I said.

I  went to my room and i looked the door, and Niall came after me.

-Gabriella, open the door, please-Niall said.

-No, I want to be alone (i was crying without stopping)- i said

-Let me help you-Niall said.

-I need to be alone, i have to clear my head, it's to much, when i need your help i'll call you- I said.

- If you fall, i'll be where to lift you up and you can't never forget about this that i'm telling you.-Niall said.

I stayed in my room, looking out the window thinking about what was happening and i was crying a lot when i looked out the window i saw George with a paper that said "I LOVE YOU AND I WON'T LEAVE WITHOUT TALKING TO YOU" i really didn't care about it, i just wanted to desapear.

* someone knock at my door*

-Niall go away!!-I said.

-Is not Niall, is Harry, we asked me to come to see how are you!- Harry said.

-Go away, i want to be alone-I said.

-Ok-Harry said.

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