The X factor

Another love story


3. i fall in love


We were in bootcamp, there we had to competed against each other. Me, susana and sara pass into the next phase has a girl group. The next phase was the toughest, it was judges' house.

That week was amazing, i meet a lot of new people, but my favourite people to meet was a boy band called Union J. They were very nice and we were getting along  with them.

When we were in the judge's house, we start since day one, to do a lot of sound test. Btw The house was amazing.

On the second day we went take a walk by Dublin snf there we found George.

We started talking and we went to take a walk, only the two of us. It was super cute.

Will i see you again??

Who knoes , we are in the same show, maybe we see us there.

He gave me a goodbye kiss in the corner of the lips and said:

Hope i see you soon!

I think it will be better if i had you're number!!

You're right!!

We lived and i went home with a stupid smile.

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