The X factor

Another love story


7. haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

30 seconds later, someone knok in my door again.

-Go away Niall, Harry or who's there!!- I said

- The room is mine too- Sarah said.

-* i open the door* Sorry i think, it was the boys.- i said.

- What happen? You came here crying...- Sarah said.

-I don't want to talk about that.- i said.

-But you have to speak, we are your BFF, and if you came to the house crying, you'll say to us what happen.- Susan said.

-Yes, Su's right, it was Niall?- Sarah said

-No - i said

-Some of the Distric 3?- Su asked

-No- I answer

-George?-Sarah said

-Yes and the union J- i said

-But what happen? When you go out with him you are happy.-Susan said

-And that's not your jacket, i saw George with him dressed, and i'm seeing George outside crying.-Sarah said

-What?Crying?WTH?-I start to cry more.

-C'mon, tell us everything.-Susan said.

-I go with George, we went out for a walk , and he say he like a girl , and i say lucky girl, and he kiss me and say the girl was me...- i said.

-And what happen next?-Sarah asked.

 -I say, I'm not ready for a relationship, and his bandmates apear and Josh say thet i was another for George, another an ugly, and that George hate me for i call him Harry0s replica when i met him, and George say that i wasn't just another girl to him.- i answer.

-And you are crying because of that?- su asked.

-Yes!! I love George but i love Niall too.-i answer

-You are divided for both. -Sarah said

-I think i'm- i said.

- Speak with George his too sad.- Susan said

-No, he hurt me too much.-i said.

Someone knock at my door, and it was Niall.

-Can i...- he asked.

-No. - i answer.

-C'mon soon or later you have to speak with me.- he said.

-Ok, then. i said.

- Girls can i speak with her alone?-he asked.

-Yes.-the girls sai and went out of the room.

Niall close the door for we can speak, we stay sit one infront each other like for 5 minuits without say a word.

-Nice conversation-i said.

-What happen btw you and George????- Niall asked.

-Why you protect me so much???

-because yes Gabriela.

- Thats not an answer, i'm confuse and with that you make me fell more confuse.

-Thats an answer yes.

-but what you want for truth?

-You keep George jacket dressed, and you're crying, i just want to protect you.

-But why?

-Its the truth that you want?

-Yes! Its that what i want, and stop to scream with mw. * i start to cry again*

-Sorry, i treat you like this,, why you like me so much?

- Niall please NO!


-Because i love you and i love George too, i'm divided for both of you, i can't stay with you because you are my mentor and i can't stay with him because he hurt me.


-You see, i knew you'll have this reaction.

He give m a hug and next he kiss me so slowly that i feel a lot of things.

-You knew i'll do this?

-No, but...Sorry.

I run out of there, i give George his jacket and i don't say anything to him, i just run and he came after me. It start  to rain and i don't stop to cry, run out of there was the only thing i want, go to another world, and 20 minuits later George catch me.

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