The X factor

Another love story


9. god

The next day i wake up and i go down stairs and i saw George there with the rest of the boys, District 3, Union J,...

-Good morning princess- George say giving me a kiss on my check.

-Good morning monkey, and good morning everyone and wellcome to the funny house.

- Gabriella we need to speak- the girls say

-What happen?

-The boys chose our song an we know how much you hate that song because what she make you feel.

-I don't care i'm here to sing and win this with you so lets rock this.

-Gabriella, how are you today?-Dan ask

-Better, thanks for help me, you really a good friend.

-I'm glad you're ok, see you in the house-he say

-haha yeah see you in the house.

Niall call me and i go with him and the girls to the hursels and in the final we come home to make a "party" for the guys.

The hursel was good, we ave good chances to pass the liveshows.

Some days later the show become we are so so nervous and when we hear THE COVER GRLS we are so "omg", the show was amazing and we pass yey. Simon say to us we'll go with the other contesters to a hotel because we will make a visit to some musical places.

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