The X factor

Another love story


10. disapointed

Some weeks pass and we go to the next phase, the liveshows. we go to a hotel and all the bands stay in the same house. I was happiest than ever with George i really ove hi. So we do our first liveshow and our song was cannonball, i Love itbut i hate the final when we go hoe, i saw George kissing Ella.

-George!! Stay with me forever?, Never ie to me!-I sai

-Gabriella wait- George sais.

-Let her go George.-Ella said.

-Forget Ella i love her. Gabriella cae back here.

It was too late i ruz away i go to the town, i found some fans and i give a lot of auto graphs and i go to the park and just stay there thinking, looking at the stars when i saw Tuisa coing over me.

-Gabriella what happen.

-George, Ella...

-I love your atuation with the girls.


-Speak with George, he loves you.

-I forgive him one i don't make the same istake towice.

-Oh sweety i have to go, go home please.

- Don't you worry i'll be ok.

Tulisa go away and i start to walk unti i saw Dan sit in the park and i go to speakk with him.

-Can i...- he jump to me hugging me.

-I was so worried about you.

-I'm ok Dan.

-What happen why you run away again?

-I saw George kissing Ella, he say he love me and he'll never lie to me- i start to cry again.

-Came here baby.- he hug e and meke e feel save, i was kissing on his shoulder ans i fall at sleep. Dan take me home he put e at sleep in his room.

-Guys be quiet let her sleep.

-I go to tell George you find her.- mike said.

-No let her stay hee just tonight, she stay in my bed.

Dan put me on his bed and he stay there with me ust in case i need something, he's a really nice guy, he's always there and if i told Niall what happen he'll kil George and i don't want that i just want peace.



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