The X factor

Another love story


11. Dan

 I wake up and i was in Dan's bed and he was beside me.

- hello- he said

- what happen last night?- i sid

- you fall a sleep and i bring you home, you're sure you're fine?

- Yes but i dont wanna see George for the next years.

- years its a long time, go dress yourself and take breakefest i bring you Nutella.

*i kiss his check* - THANKS, i love you you know that.

- maybe.

i go to my room to dress myself when Ella speak:

- you say you love George but its from Dan's room your coming- she said

- your slut, in case you didn't know i love George and you kiss him and Dan just bing me home.- i said.

- You say i'm a slut but is from is bed your comming...

i fly to her neck and i start to fight with her when Niall and Zayn arrive.

-What happen here?- Zayn ask.

- She hur me- Ella said

-Your slut, you kiss George, you dais i sleep with dan it's all about you - i said

- Stop rigth now you two, to the room both and no more figths and you'll be both puniched, now go, do'nt make me speak again!!- Niall said.


George and Dan look at each other, and Dan explain he just bring me home nd he sleep at the living room.


*my pov*

Dan is a sweet i really like him, and Niall i never saw him like that, he scare me, and George don't even try to help me he just stay there looking, what's hppen with me, i cant love the three, oh my carrot i'll become crazy.


-Bella- Susana scream

-What?- i sid

- We have hursel- she said

-but i can't go, speak with Niall or Zay or Dan or Geroge if you want to know what happen.

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